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The Folded Earth: A Novel PDF/EPUB Æ Folded Earth: A Winner of The Economist Crossword Fiction Award How does a writer compete against the media s invasion of public discourse in all its chattering, hectoring, commercially packaged format One way could be by creating a small, inviolable space in which to observe and record all the subterranean upheavals to create those moments of clarity that we value as literature The small diamond that we have unearthed and enjoyed is called The Folded Earth The Economist Crossword Fiction Award Committee International Praise for The Folded Earth Roys narrative is poised and her language precise and poetic, without being flamboyanta story about love and hate, continuity and change, loss and grief in a convincing and memorable settingThe IndependentAnuradhas ability to seamlessly place the private lives of her characters within a larger socio political setting is what she carries into her second book as wellat the end of The Folded Earth you feel a firm belief in the redemptive qualities of life and love Elle A gently perceptive story, half comic and half poignant, of a womans struggle to forget her sorrows in new surroundings The Sunday TimesTight with life Roys attention to individual words pays off as she conveys the full texture of experiences Even minor characters are evoked with inventive idiosyncrasy Daily Mail The Folded Earth is pure pleasure, that old fashioned sort of novel in which one can immerse oneself an absolute treatBusiness WorldEminently readable, a literary novel that feels timeless and authentic DNA Roy has an admirably restrained style and her novel offers a vivid evocation of North India She conjures up striking images with the lightest of touchesThe TatlerA jewel of a story The Deccan Herald A deeply unsettling but beautiful novelutterly enrapturing As always, Roys writing remains gently poignant and metaphoric throughout, every vignette and scenario she constructs feels multilayered and deeply meaningfulFor Books SakeA perfect treatRoy brings her characters vividly and amusingly to life Country and Town House Magazine There is a gentle perfection to the way Roy writes A beautiful love story about people who love and longimpossibly and love againThe HinduAnuradha Roys second novel demands that the reader pause, slow down, savour this work I hear echoes of Anita Brookner and Edna OBrien and other writers like them as Roy brings Maya and her travails to life Biblio A book you will hold close to your heart long after the last page is turned First City Magazine Praise for An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy Every once in a great while, a novel comes along to remind you why you rummage through shelves in the first place A s you slip into the books pages, you sense you are entering a singular creation And then, suddenly, you are swept away This, you think, is the feeling you had as you read Great Expectations or Sophie s Choice or The Kite Runner This is why you read fiction at all The Washington Post Roys prose does not hit a single wrong note its restrained beauty sings off the page Neel Mukherjee, Time Magazine Refreshing Roy defines her characters quickly and skillfully, she has a keen eye for landscape, and she knows how private lives can suggest the larger shape of the public world The New York Times Set in mid twentieth century India, this debut novel spans generations and political upheavals, chronicling both the strength of domestic bonds and the wounds that parents and children, and husbands and wives, inflict on each other The New Yorker Epic a gorgeous, sweeping novel Ms Magazine Impressive With her rich imagination, vivid descriptions, and skillful handling of events Roy weaves a tapestry of family life in India the story and characters stay with the reader for a long time Roy is a writer to watch The SeattleTimes Roys prose soars with a lyricism that can take your breath away From her whirlwind opening sentences, readers know theyre in for a ride Star Tribune Minneapolis A novel to convince us that boldly drawn sagas with larger than life characters are still possible in a relentlessly postmodern world A sprawling epic of love, class and ambition Denver Post An incandescently evocative debut novel filled with wrenching tragedy as well as abiding passion Booklist Roy is a fabulous storyteller with a true gift for transporting the reader right into the heat, smells, and sights of India a poetic novel easily read again and again A complete success and an excellent choice for a discussion group Library Journal Roys impressive American debut the sounds, smells, and feel of Bengal come vividly to life Cultures may differ, but longing and love are universal Publishers Weekly In An Atlas of Impossible Longing, Anuradha Roy bravely explores love, the caste system, and familial lines in a vivid portrait of war stricken twentieth century India This absorbing story defies prediction Roys grace and mesmerizing language stayed with me long after I closed the book Katie Crouch, author of Girls in Trucks A novel of beauty, poignancy, and gut churning suspense A lyrical love letter to Indias pastan India of innocent child brides and jasmine scented summer evenings Poetic and evocative, Roys writing is a joy Financial Times Deftly and sensitively narratedThe Independent A story to lose yourself in Anuradha Roy is a wonderful writer this tale of three generations of an Indian family, set over the span of the th century, is brilliantly told and intensely moving Sunday Express Roys novel is engaging from start to finish and difficult to put downThe Sunday Sun Recalls classics from Great Expectations to The Cherry Orchard Roy s prose is luscious yet economical Capturing the rhythms of life in rural backwater and big city alike, she strings together jewel like episodes giving her story the quality of something remembered The National Newspaper Now here is a perfect monsoon read an exquisitely written first novel that flows limpid and elegiac you might find yourself unbearably moved by her delicate probing of the fragility of love and longingIndia TodayAnuradha Roy s first novel, An Atlas of Impossible Longing, was named by World Literature Today as one of themost essential books on modern India and shortlisted for the Crossword Prize She was the winner of the Picador Outlook Non fiction Award She is an editor at Permanent Black, an independent press publishing in South Asian history, politics and culture She lives mainly in Ranikhet, India, with her husband Rukun Advani and their dog, BiscootADER BIOSneha Mathan spent a peripatetic childhood in India, punctuated by a short spell in the Seychelles Now fixedly based in Seattle, she works as a voice actor and audiobook narrator Her audiobook work has received several Earphones awards and she is a two time Audie finalist

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