Hexen 2039: New Military-occult Technologies for

Hexen 2039: New Military-occult Technologies for Rosalind Brodsky, the alter ego of artist Suzanne Treister, is a delusional time traveller who believes herself to be working at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality IMATI in the twenty first century Hexencharts Brodsky s scientific research towards the development of new mind control technologies for the British Military, through a kaleidoscopic series of drawings, diagrams and photographs which are by turns baroque, challenging, comic, elegant, mysterious and intriguing These works uncover or construct links between conspiracy theories, occult groups, Chernobyl, witchcraft, the US film industry, British Intelligence agencies, Soviet brainwashing, and behaviour control experiments of the US Army and its Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command PSYOP , in light of alarming new research in contemporary neuroscience An essay by Richard Grayson examines Treister s practice in detail As a whole, this fascinating and complex body of work questions the way we look at history and the future, science, technology, politics, and narrative Fairly inscrutable, but interesting nonetheless.Some good drawings and clever arrangements of imagery data.Difficult to take any of it seriously despite the ominous tone.

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