Strawberry Fields / The Mersey Girls PDF È Strawberry

Strawberry Fields / The Mersey Girls PDF È Strawberry Strawberry FieldsChristmas Day,When twelve year old Sara Cordwainer, the unloved child of rich parents, sees a ragged girl with a baby in her arms, she stops to talk to her, pressing money into the girls icy hands But from this generous act comes a tragedy which will haunt her For years Years later, Sara meets Brogan, a young Irishman working in England, but he has a secret which he dare not tell In a Dublin slum, Brogan s little sister Polly, the only girl in a family of boys is well loved, but it is not until Sara begins to work at the Salvation Army children s home, that the two girls meet and Brogan s secret is told at last The Mersey GirlsSpring , and seventeen year old Evie Murphy is leaving her native Ireland with her baby daughter Linnett but leaving behind Linnett s frail twin, Lucy While Lucy grows up in the beautiful Irish countryside, Linnetts fate is much less bright When tragedy strikes Linnetts already troubled life, she disappears into the Liverpool slums Meanwhile, Lucy urgently needs her sister by her side but she has little idea, when she leaves the farm and sets off to look for Linnett, how their meeting will change their lives forever

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  1. Nell Hamilton Nell Hamilton says:

    the first Katie Flynn book I read and still my favourite

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