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Hardcover  Ó Ghost Force ePUB á America, Britain, and Russia are drawn into a battle for a gigantic oil strike on the desolate Falkland Islands in Patrick Robinson s newest international thriller The year is , and Russia is poised to help Argentina blast its way into the Falkland Islands, to hurl the ruling British out of the South Atlantic forever Enraged at this act of international piracy, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the islands for the second time in thirty yearsLittle do they realize that Russia s lethal Akula class submarine, Viper , stuffed to the gunwales with ship killing torpedoes, lies in wait for the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, which is transporting the British fighter bomber air forceThe United States, under the indomitable Admiral Arnold Morgan s stern eye, unleashes Navy SEALs to hammer Argentina into submission, and in two breathtaking, clandestine missions, they smash their most expensive hardware guided missile warships and an entire fighter aircraft strike groupThe SEALs must make a death defying parachute drop into the freezing ocean, hit the battlefield in total secret, and obliterate their enemy all in lethal silence a ruthless, terrible attack carried out by a US ghost force This is classic Patrick Robinson spine tingling suspense, harrowing action, and intricately researched detail, all set against the backdrop of an uncanny what if scenario

10 thoughts on “Ghost Force

  1. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    This really is awful and the author s books continue their downward spiral in quality.This tries to be a Tom Clancy style global power thriller, the theme here being the retaking of the Falklands by Argentina The British reaction does not go well and it takes the brilliance of the US to sort things out.It is badly written and incredibly right wing The author uses the book as a political platf

  2. Mark Mark says:

    This book had too many coincidences that it just got boring Also the beginning of the book had almost nothing to do with the end of the book I have a problem that I must finish every book that I start, so this is one that I was racing to finish.

  3. Glen Glen says:

    In this entry in the Admiral Morgan series, it s 2011 and the Russians make a secret alliance with the Argentinians to take the Falkland Islands The British, under a Labour government, quickly lose the war An SAS unit is stranded on one of the islands.The team needs to be rescued, and new peace negotiated, and a Russian sub needs sinking Morgan takes command, and accomplishes all three.Very goo

  4. Robert Brokenmouth Robert Brokenmouth says:

    Took a long time to get moving, weak characters relying on previous books a problem Clancy had and had quite a few facts wrong Hell, if I can spot em I think I ll have a look at his first books, but I would hope there s some improvement, cause there s some rave reviews on the back.

  5. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    This started out as a rage read, and ended as a slog.I don t have much good to say about it I mainly finished it because I wanted to see if it was possible for the author not to include a single woman with agency The only woman one might argue was spoken of as a creature of intelligence and with the ability to make decisions beyond preparing food was Margaret Thatcher, and that doesn t really cou

  6. Gerald Gerald says:

    This was an EXTREMELY entertaining and very well written novel It just misses my ALL TIME FAVORTIES List by a hair Patrick Robinson, a very gifted storyteller, sets up a highly plausible scenario in which Argentina invades the British Falkland Islands and South Georgia for the second time in 30 years, following the discovery of huge oil and gas fields there Enormous investments have been in these

  7. Galen Johnson Galen Johnson says:

    Alright, in addition to not really liking thrillers involving aliens, I apparently am not big on naval warfare thrillers either Again, when you are on an island in Northern Germany with little access to English books, you will try anything This book takes place in the near future, and Russia, fearful of losing its easy access to Siberian oil as the Siberians are getting restless, teams up with Arge

  8. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    So far, I have started three sentences and have deleted them all because I just don t know what to say regarding this story line Let me be clear I am sick of the Falkand Malvinas Islands For heaven s sake, one would think that the only notable naval battle in history was that fought by the British in the Falkland Islands I am committed and should be to reading the entire series, and have only one to

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    If I had to choose one phrase to describe this author it would be self righteous Now don t get me wrong, the author was good at setting a very thrilling pace and it was a very exciting story However, this author has a very naive view of the world and comes across as a southern good ol boy I found his writing extremely xenophobic and although I concede that this was a very exciting adventure, this boo

  10. Geni Geni says:

    I finally found an espionage thriller I didn t like You don t meet a character you care about until 2 3 through the book, and the illogical plot twists are ridiculous even for this genre full of absurd stories The author s political agenda and mine don t mesh at all, so that was the deal breaker What a sad way to end a year of reading.

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