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A Small Place in Italy ePUB Ü Place in  Epub á A In , Eric Newby and his wife Wanda acquired I Castagni The Chestnuts , a small and ruined farmhouse in the foothills of the Apuan Alps on the borders of Liguria and northern Tuscany They were the first foreigners to live in the area, and foryears, they remained the only ones This book recounts the Newbys life in their house in a forgotten era It describes how they pulled the house back from the brink of collapse, their enduring friendship with the neighbouring contadini, who welcomed them whether eating, drinking, harvesting grapes and olives, or hunting for fungus and wild asparagus from the moment they arrived

10 thoughts on “A Small Place in Italy

  1. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Interesting account of settling a second home in an area on the edge of Liguria Tuscany, inland from the sea on the side of a mountain This in the mid 1960 s by the author and his wife He was a POW and 2 to 3 year long fugitive in the area during the last years of the European theatre WWII He s English They keep the home for 20 year

  2. Megan Megan says:

    The book starts off pretty slowly the first 100 pages really are about buying and renovating the house The story picks up in the second half, withinteresting stories about their neighbors The book could have usedediting There are some really convoluted sentences, and the structure could have been better.

  3. Caro Caro says:

    It s been done too many times let s buy an old house in Italy France Greece Spain and see what happens but never as well as here A refreshing contrast to Frances Mayes.

  4. Lois Lois says:

    3.5 starsA really lovely homage to the life that Eric Newby and his wife Wanda built for themselves in the Italian mountains I read his memoir Love and War in the Apennines two years ago which was absolutely incredible It s stayed in my mind all this time, so it was wonderful to read about these two, at peace and happy, in the decades

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I read this book for the 2nd time and this time it madesense to me since I have lived in Italy for 6 years already.

  6. Carmen Carmen says:

    Enthralling, very entertaining, the story of a lifestyle that has bit the dust Eric and his wife bought a small place in Tuscany Several times a year they come over from England to live there Doing so, they immerse themselves in the community, helped by the fact that his wife speaks fluent Italian and he had been escaping from the German

  7. jzthompson jzthompson says:

    The friend of mine who I borrow my Eric Newby books from said it best The nice thing about Newby is there is no side to him This is a warm ramble through Eric and his wife Wanda s time in their ramshackle, Italian farm house Odd as it may sound I feel like I know the Newbys at this point, and whether evading fascist death squads, being dr

  8. Emma Prunty Emma Prunty says:

    What a terrific read this is Generations before Frances Mayes and others set the world spinning with tales of Tuscany, Eric and his wonderful wife Wanda were digging ditches, harvesting grapes, throttling nests of cockroaches and living the hardcore peasant life in Tuscany All the while he remembers being on the run during the war and bein

  9. Don Don says:

    FROM MY BLOG Who wouldn t love to have a second home in Europe Italy, or perhaps France Back in 2017, I discussed Peter Mayle s book, A Year in Provence, about his adventures among his French neighbors This past week, I read Eric Newby s 1994 memoir, A Small Place in Italy I actually chose Newby s book a British paperback edition obtained f

  10. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    A funny yet sad memoir set in Italy WW11 veteran returning with his wife two purchase a home While navigating local customs they create a rich life with good friends.

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