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[BOOKS] ⚡ The Magic Furnace  ✯ Marcus Chown – Pv1.info Every Breath You Take Contains Atoms Forged In The Blistering Furnaces Deep Inside Stars Every Flower You Pick Contains Atoms Blasted Into Space By Stellar Explosions That Blazed Brighter Than A Billion Suns Thus Begins The Magic Furnace, An Eloquent, Extraordinary Account Of How Scientists Unraveled The Mystery Of Atoms, And Helped To Explain The Dawn Of Life Itself The Historic Search For Atoms And Their Stellar Origins Is Truly One Of The Greatest Detective Stories Of Science In Effect, It Offers Two Epics Intertwined The Birth Of Atoms In The Big Bang And The Evolution Of Stars And How They Work Neither Could Be Told Without The Other, For The Stars Contain The Key To Unlocking The Secret Of Atoms, And The Atoms The Solution To The Secret Of The Stars Marcus Chown Leads Readers Through The Major Theories And Experiments That Propelled The Search For Atomic Understanding, With Engaging Characterizations Of The Major Atomic Thinkers From Democritus In Ancient Greece To Binning And Rohrer In Twentieth Century New York He Clarifies The Science, Explaining With Enthusiasm The Sequence Of Breakthroughs That Proved The Existence Of Atoms As The Alphabet Of Nature And The Discovery Of Subatomic Particles And Atomic Energy Potential From There, He Engagingly Chronicles The Leaps Of Insight That Eventually Revealed The Elements, The Universe, Our World, And Ourselves To Be A Product Of Two Ultimate Furnaces The Explosion Of The Big Bang And The Interior Of Stars Such As Supernovae And Red Giants Chown Successfully Makes These Massive Concepts Accessible For Students, Professionals, And Science Enthusiasts His Story Sheds Light On All Of Us, For In Essence, We Are All Stardust.

10 thoughts on “The Magic Furnace

  1. Ami Iida Ami Iida says:

    I was impressed to read this book.the theme The history of nuclear physics is written systematically.It is composed of the elements necessary to human beings by the supernova explosion.I recommend the book.Who are interested in ...

  2. Gabigabigabi Gabigabigabi says:

    This book is one of my favorite books that I read

  3. Joseph Harriott Joseph Harriott says:

    well, you need a science education to begin to read this, but then it s fantastic The best science book I ve read Felt like I was reading a racy detective thriller, and yes I do still remember much of what he said, so thank you Marcus.

  4. Dennis Littrell Dennis Littrell says:

    Chown, Marcus The Magic Furnace The Search for the Origins of Atoms 2001 Captivating, informative, demanding, but highly readableThe title is an allusion to the dream of the alchemists of old who sought a magic kiln in which to transform base metals into gold That dream remained intact until the discovery in the twentieth century of how the element

  5. Derek Woodgate Derek Woodgate says:

    Excellent book Truly inspirational Made me feel rather insignificant Subject matter that I had not reflected on recently Obviously was taught most of it at some point, but an amazing refresher Rutherford blows my mind yet again Marcus Chown did a great job in weaving it all together like a novel.

  6. Mikeh5972 Mikeh5972 says:

    This was a very readable book Marcus Chown presented a complex story of the formation of the atoms of different elements in the universe in a very clear and understandable narrative Highly recommended.

  7. Prahlad Prahlad says:

    What a brilliant book this is This should be included in the school curriculum For the students interested in Physics particularly Astronomy , this book gives a good overview of what they are heading into.

  8. Pete daPixie Pete daPixie says:

    The Magic Furnace is a magic book The story of physics, astrophysics and astronomy is a tale that Chown begins back in ancient Greece and is the search for the origin of atoms The two thousand year investigative odyssey of what everything is made of and where atoms came from and how they were made, from the Universe rich hydrogen and helium, the light elements, all the wa

  9. Steve Steve says:

    An exhilarating account of the discoveries that led to our understanding of the nature of matter and how it is made the origin of atoms and stars All the key players are here Eddington, Hoyle, Gamow, Baade, Rutherford, and others As with Simon Singh srecent Big Bang which I enjoyed slightly , but this is still worthy of 5 stars , the author draws us into the story of discovery

  10. Tim Tim says:

    If you re one of those people who wants to know all about atoms, their origins and learn on the way about relativity, quantum theory and other cool stuff you can t talk about at parties unless you re really drunk, and if you once tried to pick it all up from Stephen Hawking but found he assumed too much prior knowledge, and if you want to learn it all from someone who won t patronise

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