Sophie Flakes Out PDF É Sophie Flakes PDF \

Sophie Flakes Out PDF É Sophie Flakes  PDF \ This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Willow has a party with some 8th graders when her dad is not at home because the girls influence her Later it mentions Willow having bruises and the girls report Willow s dad because it is the right thing in the second book it mentions how Dr Peter is working with Willow and her dad. Loved it Sophie flakes out is a great book It talks about what to do when a friend is hurting It also talks about God. This book is a good lesson for children that rules are there to protect them, and also that it s okay to approach your parents to discuss any rules they feel they are too old for A fun story. Sophie just wants a little bit of privacy Willoughby s got plenty of it but she s hanging out with a fast new crowd And when her dad finds out, his harsh punishment shocks Sophie and her friends What should they do Whose rules are right

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