Mending the Broken Bond: The 90-Day Answer to Developing a

Mending the Broken Bond: The 90-Day Answer to Developing a From The New York Times bestselling author of The IQ Answer, a guide to helping parents and kids learn to love each other again In his bestselling The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer, Dr Frank Lawlis provided thousands of parents with the valuable information they need in order to confront their children s intellectual challenges Now he takes on an even mightier challenge helping parents and kids learn to love each other again From the chief content adviser on the Dr Phil show, Mending the Broken Bond is for families that fight or cannot communicate effectively and for those who want to make their family relationships whole and loving Loving Your Lost Child leads parents through aday program of practical steps and action plans toward building a positive, loving, and healthy bond with their children Whether parents are struggling with toddlers throwing temper tantrums, ten year olds who prefer videogames to talking, or rebellious teenagers, Dr Lawlis s prescriptive and practical methods teach parents how to repair their relationships and regain connection with their children For parents who feel ignored and frustrated, Dr Lawlis offers comfort, hope, and a clear way forward

10 thoughts on “Mending the Broken Bond: The 90-Day Answer to Developing a Loving Relationship with Your Child

  1. Maggie Maggie says:

    As the parent of a teenage child, I loved this book for it s wisdom, compassion, depth of understanding, hard look at reality, lack of blame and focus on what to do , actual instructions which are annoyingly available in ever

  2. Charlene Charlene says:

    Take a look back at what you learned growing up and use the good things, bag the rest Cooking with children is good Empathize Know your own body and the messages that your communicating whether you know it or not Love your child and l

  3. Ana Ana says:

    Different, excellent, noband aids Applies to all relationships It all begins with me, myself and I.

  4. Megan Price Megan Price says:

    This book contained a lot of science data as well as applicable skills to improve your relationship with your child Not all of the information in the book was interesting or applied to my life The information was organized very well so it s easy to ski

  5. Allyson Allyson says:

    Just want to connect with my 4 year old daughter, to be a better parent and enjoy her , and not duplicate the relationships I had with my own parents.

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    Very interesting with some very good suggestions I prefer 7 Habits for Highly Effective Families, but this book is a good supplement with some same principles.

  7. Jane H Jane H says:

    recommended on a parenting board

  8. Jess Jess says:

    Absolutely required reading for ANY parent.

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