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The Legacy Kindle á Paperback What has happened to Ingrid Beautiful Ingrid inherits a fortune She leaves her friends Julia and Ralph, who loves her, to marry the cold and intellectual Gil Grey and start a life amid the New York art scene Atam on September she has a downtown appointment with her financial advisor And is never seen again A year later Ralph, heartbroken and sick, sends Julia to New York to piece together Ingrid s life away from them Nothing will prepare Julia for what she ultimately discovers

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  1. Blair Blair says:

    Pandemic rereads 7The narrator of The Legacy, Julia, lives a comfortable, ordinary middle class life until she forms a friendship with wealthy Ralph and his beautiful half cousin Ingrid She s swept into their decadent world and falls in love with Ralph, who in turn is in love with Ingrid despite being distantly related to her and despite the fact that he generally pref

  2. Astrid Astrid says:

    May contain spoilers May ramble This is a difficult book to review And I m going to start by saying that I think the reason I initially gave The Legacy four stars instead of five isto do with the main character, Julia, than the writing I love the writing and the structure, and the setting the setting and the ending the ending.Julia isn t so much a character as a human Whic

  3. Deborah Biancotti Deborah Biancotti says:

    I wasn t sure what I thought of this book, and then I read Peter Craven s review in The Monthly where he calls it a crypto mystery novel rather haphazardly linked to an allusive literary novel and I admit now I know what I thought of this book Initially I was kinda confused because I d gone into the book thinking it was a mystery a conclusion I d built from the back cover blur

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    The Legacy, by Kirsten Tranter, was longlisted for the 2011 Miles Franklin It s an accomplished debut novel in many ways, but it failed to engage me in a sustained way I read about 50 pages of it, put it aside, and forgot about it until I realised it would soon be due back at the library And then I had to start again because I couldn t remember what it was about Like Henry James A

  5. Karen Karen says:

    I liked this book despite its flaws I liked the main character and I liked the story I was very curious about the ending and was mostly satisfied with it I agree with others who wrote about feeling frustrated why did Julia take months to ask questions that were so obvious to the reader It seemed to be a plot device to add suspense, but just ended up being frustrating to read Some of t

  6. Steve lovell Steve lovell says:

    You remember where you were when you heard of them events so momentous you just know the world would never be the same again For the Kennedy assassination I was asleep, woken by a teary mother with the sad news For the death of Elvis, on my birthday I might add, I was enjoying a celebratory sudsy bath, but that soon changed when the radio told me of his untimely passing With Whitlam s dis

  7. Christy Christy says:

    I didn t read all of this, but enough to conclude that it s not for me I found the writing a bit on the dull side and the characters profoundly uninteresting I had great intentions of finishing it in time for book club, but after reading the first 30 to 50 pages, I found myself choosing to do just about anything other than read this book I made a strong push the day before and slogged through

  8. Janine Janine says:

    This is a long book 438 pages but I didn t find that it dragged The first 2 3 of the book reminded me of an Antipodean Brideshead Revisited or Great Gatsby, with the outsider narrator watching wealthy people living out their greed and insecurity There is an artificiality and staginess to the lives of these wealthy and ruthless people, and the glamour of the New York art scene does not disguise th

  9. Benni Benni says:

    Thanks to the publisher and goodreads for the free review copy The Legacy focuses on Julia, Ralph, and Ingrid, three sometimes close friends When Ingrid disappears in New York after the events of 9 11, Julia heads to the Big Apple to investigate.This book is an homage to The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James Ingrid s situation mirrors in part Isabel s in Portrait It s quite a high order for one s fir

  10. Sam Still Reading Sam Still Reading says:

    The Legacy by Kirsten Tranter It has one of the most gorgeous covers I ve seen But the content is disappointing The plot is good girl goes missing in New York on September 11, 2001 or does she But it doesn t seem to execute itself well jumping back and forth in time, vaguely alluding to events and skipping large chunks of time After 150 pages, I gave up and read the last chapter I still can t tell you ex

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