Observing The Moon: The Modern Astronomer's Guide eBook

Observing The Moon: The Modern Astronomer's Guide eBook What do scientists know about the Moon What are some of the mysteries that remain to be solved Written by an experienced and well known lunar expert, this is a hands on primer for the aspiring observer of the Moon Whether you are a novice or already experienced in practical astronomy, you will find plenty in this book to help raise your game to the next level and beyond Gerald North shares extensive practical advice and his sophisticated background knowledge of the Moon and of lunar observation He covers the selection and construction of equipment and optimizing of existing equipment for such projects as drawing, photographing and CCD imaging of the Moon, together with analysis and computer processing images, and many other practical topics Observing the Moon will allow both amateur and seasoned astronomers alike to immerse themselves in contemporary efforts to solve the lunar mysteries, as well as to enjoy fully our Moon in all its magnificence

10 thoughts on “Observing The Moon: The Modern Astronomer's Guide

  1. David Roberts David Roberts says:

    Not the most interesting book on astronomy, but punctuated evry 5 10 pages byt the author literally complaining that the publisher had restricted the length of the book One wonders how muchmeaningful content could have been included were the author to have omitted all of his complaints

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