The Harvill Book of Twentieth-Century Poetry in English

The Harvill Book of Twentieth-Century Poetry in English Michael Schmidt s anthology includes the work of than a hundred poets from every part of the English speaking world What links their diverse voices is a common language each poem, in its own way, adds to the resources of the medium and makes it newThe poems in this book are allowed to slip free of their moorings in the biography and history of the last century to create new spaces and times They have been chosen because they are exceptional, profound and unique in what they do to language, regardless of their subject matter or the orientation of the poet It is a powerful reminder that in the twentieth century poems did what they have never done before, and it provides us with a unique insight into the forces that will shape the poetry of the twenty first century

10 thoughts on “The Harvill Book of Twentieth-Century Poetry in English

  1. Sharayu Gangurde Sharayu Gangurde says:

    This is not a book to be just read once Its an easy handbook of influential poetry I am always on a lookout for poetry compilations and glad I got a hold on this one The book features some poets whose books are now hard to find Philip Larkin, Elizabeth Bishop, E.E.Cummings, Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney all of them are here I never knew D.H.Lawrence wrote poetry It was wonderful to read his poems Also Adrienne Rich I ve extensively re

  2. David David says:

    I bought the book because Mr Schmidt was my lecturer at uni I m glad I did because it introduced a lot of wonderful poets and poetry into my life There are poets from all over the world and not just from North America, the UK and Ireland.

  3. !Tæmbuŝu !Tæmbuŝu says:


  4. Madhurita Madhurita says:

    5 stars

  5. Sachin Sachin says:

    One of the best anthologies of poetry I have ever come across And at a very affordable price too

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