The 3-Day Nanny: Simple 3-Day Solutions for Sleeping,

The 3-Day Nanny: Simple 3-Day Solutions for Sleeping, Do you need to help your baby or child to sleep through the night, overcome fussiness around food, succeed with potty training or stop tantrums Kathryn s step by step advice will give you new confidence as a parent and quickly and easily help your child Sleep through the night Try new foods and enjoy healthy eating Transform challenging behaviours and habits Potty train with easeWith advice for different issues and ages, Kathryn will guide you through the three day plan relevant to you and help you put your family back on trackKathryn sday plans work on the basis that it normally takes a child three days to settle into a new routine On dayshe helps you to identify the cause of the issue, to choose the right positive bespoke solution clearly outlined in her book and to begin to implement it On this first day the new routine will feel new and unfamiliar to you and your child On daythe new routine will start to be familiar and by the end of daythe change will be accepted by your child and a fresh start will begin to unfold for you allEssential advice for parents with children agedmonths toyears

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