10 thoughts on “The Cockney Sparrow

  1. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    I really enjoyed this book Storytelling at it s best.

  2. Brenda Anderson Brenda Anderson says:

    Another book from dilly court,love the storyline.great read.

  3. Emma Nicholson Emma Nicholson says:

    Great characters and kept my interest with surprising turns and sub plots.

  4. Kellie Kellie says:

    Enjoyed reading this book Loved the characters and the writing was good Although I thought the last few chapters were rushed, which is why I didn t give it a five star rating.

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    Opening in 1888 in the destitution and squalor of Cheapside The Cockney Sparrow is the compelling story of Clemency Skinner a gifted young woman with a beautiful soprano voice who provides for her mother a drunk prostitute and a crippled brother as a pick pocket.Thr

  6. Katie Katie says:

    Set in January 1889, just a few months after the killing spree of Jack the Ripper This book tells of the struggles faced by Clemency Skinner, as she attempts to save her family from poverty and the control of her mothers pimp Tom Hardiman a character much like Dickin

  7. Cheryll Butters Cheryll Butters says:

    I enjoyed this book and might have given it 4 stars but it started to annoy me at around Chapter 20 When such a terrible situation occurred I felt it wasn t taken seriously enough A predictable happy ending

  8. Liz Liz says:

    A slow read with nothing much happening until the last couple of chapters when theres finally some exciting faster paced reading.took me ages to get through this book as it was quite boring at times.

  9. Hayley Briston Hayley Briston says:

    Another great read from Dilly court I m slowly reading through all her books and enjoy every one of them Although they are mostly written in the same vein they are all different and enjoyable Historical fiction is my favourite genre and these suit me to a T

  10. Jean St.Amand Jean St.Amand says:

    It started out pretty good, quite like a Catherine Cookson novel but about half way through it just got silly and predictable and basically turned into a Harlequin Romance Not really my kind of story.

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