Lucifer's War: Understanding the Ancient Struggle between

Lucifer's War: Understanding the Ancient Struggle between Linda Brook Rios is an intelligent writer This book was very well written I gained new insights into scripture that didn t seem to make sense. Why does evil persist If Satan is a defeated enemy, why does it appear as though he isn t Why doesn t he give up Evil rages at an unacceptable level against individuals and groups of people who are created in the image of God and no one appears able to do very much about it We are in the midst of an ancient, ongoing, global, celestial struggle for power and authority to govern and control human behavior and subsequently the nations of the earth, even the planet itselfDr Linda Rios Brook offers a detailed examination of the ancient struggle between God, the devil, and humanity, helping readers learn and apply what the Bible teaches us about dealing with evil at its root causeScripture shows us that Satan lost his authority to rule on the Earth, but not his power If people of faith are to draw a line and say this far and no further, it will require a better understanding of the enemy we face If we are to prevail against his plans, we must understand him better than we do So much to think about..agreed with most but some new thoughts Will read again and pray for wisdom This was a very interesting book Didn t give you any answers, but just made you think outside the box.

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