10 thoughts on “Everything I Know About Pirates

  1. Sandy Sandy says:

    Read this aloud to my 10yo son He loved it Had a great time laughing at the silliness.

  2. Lola Lola says:

    Chocolate coins arevaluable then real gold This book is full of priceless insight.

  3. Celeste Celeste says:

    My son really enjoys these books They are quite silly.

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    There are few children s books I read from the library that I absolutely have to add to my collection This is definitely one of those books Lichtenheld is an amazingly creative author The book is funny and silly throughout.

  5. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    I ve been trying to figure out where in the hell this came from Julia likes pirates but surely not enough for anyone to have bought this I think someone may have bought her some sort of kit and this came with it I want to rate this higher because if it s in the hands of a better audience it s surely get five stars Okay, I had given it a 2 but I m changing to 3 because it s just not fair I d recommend this to boy or girls who are very into pirates and all things pirat

  6. Samantha Samantha says:

    My favorite of the Everything I Know About picture book series by this author illustrator This title focuses on pirates and includes a smidgereal information than made up and does a great job of highlighting what makes pirates so interesting.Illustrations were rendered in ink, colored pencil, gouache, and pastels Text is too long for a read aloud, but it s good for independent readers.

  7. Heidi-Marie Heidi-Marie says:

    Out and out silliness Boys and some girls, I m sure will love this Not as funny to me as some of his other works, though I did smile and laugh And my favorite part was the Glossary Brilliant and hilarious especially with mention of the Monkees Ha ha Not a good storytime choice, and probably best for the school age kids Read alones very fun and lap reads OK.

  8. Greta Greta says:

    Pirates will often carry their knives in their mouths, although the practice is frowned upon by the American Dental Association I laughed out loud through this whole book Just some very funny, quirky lines My son is going to be playing Smee from Peter Pan in his school play so we re getting all the pirate lingo down Fun to laugh together as we read this book

  9. Mary Mary says:

    I m giving this a 5 5 because I love Tom Lichtenheld s quirky sense of humor and colorful illustrations, but my four year old wasn t keen to read it again I think the humor was lost on her, but maybe Tom will write Everything I Know About Princesses, and then I think we ll be in business.

  10. Amelia Amelia says:

    Everything I Know About Pirates is a nonfiction book that would spark the interest of students and especially boys I liked that this book was humorous and also informational Students could be encouraged to also create their own book that uses this book as a model.

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