10 thoughts on “The Feather Pillow and the Permanent Stiletto

  1. Sharon Archer Sharon Archer says:

    While subbing in an 11th grade English class, the teacher left this little ditty.brilliant

  2. Andrew Barger Andrew Barger says:

    Review of the Second Horror Story The Permanent Stiletto by W.C Morrow William Chambers Morrow was an American writer known for his horror short stories He was born in the Deep South of Selma, Alabama in 1854 He gained some fame though not wealth after moving to San Francisco and befriending Ambrose Bierce, who also gained fame from his supernat

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    I only read the Feather Pillow, but I ll admit it was a piece that stuck with me Probably punched my own pillows for months after I read it in High School To those who dare, Enjoy

  4. Anne Anne says:

    I ve only read The Feather Pillow , and it was creepy as hell I definitely wasn t expecting that sort of ending.

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