10 thoughts on “Planet Law School

  1. PurplyCookie PurplyCookie says:

    I d highly recommend this book to anyone who will be attending law school Although the author often carries a negative tone, the information provided is realistic This is one of the few primers that accurately prepares the student for what is coming his or her way On the down side, this book is very poorly written There are numero

  2. Analiza Analiza says:

    Planet law school is a very informative book about law school especially about some of the unpleasant and harsh realities of law school I m glad I read it as a OL I would recommend it for anyone who has had little to no exposure to law school and is going through the whole applying to law school going to law school process However ha

  3. Bevin Bevin says:

    I strongly urge you to reconsider attending law school No one ever listens to me when I tell them law school is a bad idea and they should just go get an MPP or an MPA Seriously Look at the difference in cost and how much realistically you can make with a JD That said, you absolutely must read this book before attending law school Befor

  4. helen helen says:

    while i hate atticus finch with all my might, this book seems pretty informative.

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