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Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du Pin Kindle Ü Madame N e en , appartenant la noblesse la plus ancienne, Henriette Lucy Dillon pouse enle comte de Gouvernet qui deviendra marquis de La Tour du Pin enGr ce au d vouement de la future Madame Tallien, la comtesse de Gouvernet chappe la Terreur, s embarque Bordeaux pour l Am rique avec sa famille Son Journal apporte quantit d informations, de sc nes et de portraits sur la fin de l ancien r gime, la R volution, la vie sous le Consulat et l Empire Des pages tr s singuli res et amusantes relatent l exil en Am rique, o Henriette Lucy, s cartant de la vie mondaine des autres migr s, se fait fermi re, marque ses armes ses mottes de beurre, se lie d amiti avec les IndiensLes M moires de la marquise de La Tour du Pin s arr tent enAfin de couvrir la p riode comprise enet la mort de l auteur, Christian de Liedekerke Beaufort publie ici des pages de la Correspondance de la marquise avec ses amis, comme par exemple la comtesse de La Rochejacquelein et Madame de Sta l

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  1. Carol Dobson Carol Dobson says:

    Henrietta Lucy Dillon was born in Paris in 1770 In 1787 she married the Comte de Gouvernet who later became the Marquis de la Tour du Pin and she the Marquise She died in 1853 and so she experienced the Revolution, the Terror, the Empire, the Restoration, the 1830 and 1848 Revolution, the reign of Louis Philippe and the advent of Louis Napoleon.Her memoirs encompass the ti

  2. Trulyroman Trulyroman says:

    The Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du Pin is one of my most favourite books of all time It is as though you were sitting there with the authoress in a chair opposite you, and she is relating her life to you personally Her Memoirs are engaging, thrilling, informative and never dull This is one of only two books that I would take on my desert island were I ever exiled there Everyon

  3. Gerry Garibaldi Gerry Garibaldi says:

    This is a dazzling memoir that brings you into the sumptuous world of Louis XVI s France, written by a woman of the aristocracy whose life plunges into poverty and despair during the Revolution What makes it so wonderful is how this woman s true, determined character nobly rides out the treacherous currents of the time and comes out a truly shining example of a courage A great read.

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    At about the age of 50, Mme de La Tour du Pin who was born in Paris in 1770 began to record her memoirs for her two surviving children soon for her only surviving child The recollections record her life up to Napoleon s return from Elba I actually read them online in a sloppily translated early C20 edition supplemented, when I discovered it, by the original French edition and lots of enj

  5. Madeleine McDonald Madeleine McDonald says:

    The Marquise de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet is one of my favourite characters from history Her first name was Lucy, but I always think of this redoubtable woman by her grand French surname Of Irish descent, she married into the French aristocracy and took her place at the extravagant, doomed court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Fleeing the guillotine, she and her husband started over again as

  6. Rosa Pomar Rosa Pomar says:

    Perfect summer reading.

  7. Charles Charles says:

    One of my favorite booksEVER

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