Dingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush

Dingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush This book tells the story of the biggest conflict of the Rhodesian Bush War, fought in neighboring Mozambique Code named Operation Dingo, the battle was a huge gamble It took place when Rhodesia was running out of money, ammunition and friends Prime Minister Ian Smith authorized a risky two pronged attack on ZANLA bases in Mozambique to buy time and weaken Robert Mugabe s negotiating position He committed virtually the entire Rhodesian Air Force to supportparatroops and helicopter troops in a surprise attack on an enemy force of thousands The attack was planned to coincide with a meeting of Mugabe and his War Council at their Chimoio HQ Pringle describes the political and military backdrop leading up to the raid, and he tells the story of the battle through the eyes of key personalities who planned, led and participated in it Using his own experience as a jet and helicopter pilot, he recreates the battle in detail, explaining the performance of men and machines in the unfolding drama of events The author obtained exclusive interviews with three top Rhodesian commanders weeks before their coincidental deaths in , including valuable insights by Lieutenant General Peter Walls, the supreme Rhodesian commander Dingo Firestorm is a fresh, gripping recreation of a key battle in southern African military history

10 thoughts on “Dingo Firestorm: The Greatest Battle of the Rhodesian Bush War

  1. Daniel Watson Daniel Watson says:

    This book details the biggest battle launched during the Rhodesian bush war Well researched and giving accounts of people who were there The book gives the reader a good grounding of the situation in Rhodesia at the time and explains why these attacks were needed.

  2. Dan Dan says:

    This is one of the most badass books I ve ever read If you have an interest in military aviation or the Bush War definitely read it It does give good context for what the Bush War was all about too so if you re unfamiliar with the conflict you ll do fine.

  3. Joe Joe says:

    Interesting over view drawn from numerous accounts of Operation Dingo The assault by the Rhodesian defence forces on the headquarters of ZANLA in Mozambique in 1977 With some back story on the conflict and the key players involved in it I m not sure if Hollywood script writers could come up with something so audacious

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