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Read ✓ Kids by Christmas By Janice Kay Johnson – Adopting One Child Is Challenge Enough For A Single Woman Like Suzanne Chauvin Now That She Has The Chance To Adopt A Brother And Sister Who Shouldn T Be Separated, She Has To Keep Her Life As Simple As PossibleWhich Means She Doesn T Have Time For An Added Complication In The Form Of Her Neighbor Tom Stefanec Tom Knows Too Much About Suzanne S Pastand She Knows Nothing About His

10 thoughts on “Kids by Christmas

  1. Gawelleb Gawelleb says:

    4,5 plus 4Une fin un poil convenue qui lui enl ve 0,5 mais j ai vraiment beaucoup aim.

  2. Sue Sue says:

    In the Christmas with kids mood, this one had some decent emotional baggage with it that made it better than most But stopped a step to short with regards to that baggage I did like the whole dynamic of a single divorcee deciding she wanted to be a mom She has some experience with children being split up She was

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I ve enjoyed all 3 books in this series but I would have loved to see this one have an epilogue to the siblings story Say 10 years into the future and see how the 3 families were doing Sophia at college perhaps and Michael and Jack as teenagers Plus any other children that had been born in the intervening years and how t

  4. Janet Robel Janet Robel says:

    This was cute but nothing unusual to make it stand out from others.

  5. Darlene Torday Darlene Torday says:

    I always enjoy stories from this writer and she didn t disppoint me this time with this wonderful story She had me pulling for a happy ending from the beginning.

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    3.5 stars for Kids by Christmas, but I bumped up the actual star rating above.Thoughts and PlotThis is actually a re read for me I lent my original copy to a friend and never got it back Finally tracked down a used copy since I own the whole series regarding the Chauvin clan and it was silly to have a missing book.Suzanne Chauvin is a 32 year old

  7. Clarabel Clarabel says:

    Pas assez moderne et franchement complaisant.L histoire raconte un parcours de femme qui reprend confiance en elle bafou e par un mari jaloux et violent dont elle a divorc et qui a besoin d offrir aux autres ce qui lui a fait d faut la chaleur d un foyer stable durant son enfance C est aussi l histoire d une famille d finir et d une nouvelle vie crire deux

  8. Purple Iris Purple Iris says:

    The two kids are what saved this book Johnson usually does a much better job developing her characters and the romance This one was completely dry The adults both over 30 acted like they were in junior high It was pretty lame as far as romances go.

  9. Nororm Nororm says:

    c est mignon, l histoire d amour et l adoption des enfants prennent autant de place, ce qui est un plus.

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