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The Harem Slave eBook ´ The Harem  eBook ´ Roy and Henry are backpacking, on their gap year from university When they are offered a chance to visit a previously unknown tiny country run by a Sultan, a last stop before they turn around had head for home, it s too tempting an offer to pass up Little do they know, they will find themselves being offered for sale at the slave market, and after an invasive poking and prodding from the achingly beautiful princess Hadjina, they are taken away to become the princess s new eunuchs Their story twists and turns as they end up in chastity, feminized and being domestic servants for the ladies of the harem Their life becomes a long, unending bout of tease and denial as they squirm and squirm in their devicesOf course it can end at any time, because the princess promises them, if their situation becomes too much, just let her know and she will arrange the surgery for them to become eunuch s after allThe tease and denial culminates in a scene where the hapless Harem Slaves are forced to watch the Sultan visit princess Hadjina while she lies back, playing idly with their cruel chastity devices Who will break first Will either of them manage to leave Rijakistan without becoming eunuchs This is a dark, dark romance story and a fantasy story which is unsuitable for unders It features themes of female domination, male chastity, forced feminization, surgery, castration, tease and denial, domestic servitude and Any resemblance of Rijakistan to a real place is coincidental Please don t read The Harem Slave expecting realism, this is pure fantasy in every aspect

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  1. Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) says:

    Well, all I could say is that I did had a bit of fun with this one Two foreign young and naive male backpackers was tricked into slavery in a small Turkish country ruled by a Sultan with many wives Thus his harem was in need ofeunuchs to tend and pamper his beloved wives I guess you all know where this is going right Roy and Henry now Raisha and Herietta the feminized harem slaves are subjected to a lifetime of submission and servitude, c

  2. Bon Tom Bon Tom says:

    It s interesting idea However, writing is unrefined, both in detail and in big picture.So many possible venues left unexplored.For instance, wouldn t it be the ultimate denial if the two protagonist were denied their final wish That s what I d do to them.

  3. CagedMitch CagedMitch says:

    Roy and Henry are two young men backpacking in Turkmenistan They get picked up by a van driven by a Turkmen named Tamak, who offers to take them to his home He is from Rajikistan, a tiny, but wealthy, province on the Turkmen Uzbekh border, ruled over by a Sultan He promises that his people, who don t often see westerners, will treat them like celebrities.The two young men are treated to the hospitality of Tamak and his family, before they are given dru

  4. Heather Heather says:

    This book is somewhere between a 3 and a 4 for me Creativity and the story itself were good and the book definitely held my interest The editing was atrocious at times Some of the characters speak in broken English so at first I thought that was why the sentence structure was so poor But then as I read on, I realized that there were numerous editing issues I think the story being told so well trumped the editing problems, at least for me.I recommend this book

  5. H. Tanhide H. Tanhide says:

    Very interesting take on males being dominated by females within a male dominated society I enjoyed the storyline and the way Sabrina has described things, hitting the right spots for me.

  6. Sam Sam says:

    Worth reading

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