Greek Myths Kindle á Hardcover

Greek Myths Kindle á Hardcover The story of Icarus, who flies too close to the sun, of King Midas, whose touch turns everything to gold, and many others, including the adventures of Jason, Odysseus, and Theseus, are included in this collection offavorite Greek myths, illustrated with bright, original drawings

10 thoughts on “Greek Myths

  1. Lucía Cafeína Lucía Cafeína says:

    Una edici n preciosa y con los mitos griegos m s relevantes muy bien explicados para los m s peque os.

  2. ConnieLettow ConnieLettow says:

    Very fun and easy to read collection of stories that are sometimes tied together.

  3. Hebe Way Hebe Way says:

    This is a beautiful collection of the classic Greek Myths, which have been simplified very well making them perfect for use within the primary classroom.I have recently used this book as impetus for the Year 5 topic on Ancient Greece and we particularly focused on the myths In The Beginning and Pandora s Box , Theseus and the Minotaur and The Wood

  4. Bethany Bethany says:

    I was reading it for research when it comes to writing myths for children and I really wanted to enjoy this, but in the second paragraph we get the first inaccuracy and then there s at least 34after it I counted, I m bitter that I caught it s beautifully illustrated though super white washed for these brown characters and from the beginning it mixes u

  5. Tralemaniunlibro Tralemaniunlibro says:

    Una delle cose che pi amo fare quando mi immergo nel mondo letterario scoprire tematiche che mi accompagnano da una vita dal punto di vista della narrativa per ragazzi e bambini.Le pi belle storie dei miti greci un libro che ho scelto proprio per questo motivo Da appassionata della mitologia greca fin dalla prima adolescenza, ogni volta che noto una nuova

  6. Olivia Lush Olivia Lush says:

    A great resource if you re ever covering the Ancient Greeks

  7. Prachiti Talathi Gandhi Prachiti Talathi Gandhi says:

    As a child, I read Greek mythological stories This is a nice illustrated book about Greek mythology This book brought back my childhood memories Recommend for 7 kids

  8. Asmaa Asmaa says:

    A collection of 16 simplified Greek Myths bound in one book The stories are short and easy to read Some of the names are different to the ones that are commonly known Pluto instead of Hades, Heracles instead of Hercules The book also has very colourful illustrations which can be useful when looking at Ancient Greece in Topic History The book is suitable to be read to

  9. Tracey Young Tracey Young says:

    This excellent collection of 16 favourite Greek myths catches all the magic of the stories for today s readers with its lively retellings and appealing illustrations it is ideal for introducing the topic of Greek Myths Included in this collection are the adventures of Jason, Theseus and Odysseus, the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun, and King Midas whose tou

  10. Bryant Bryant says:

    Twelve Labors of Heracles By Geraldine McCaughrean Heracles the mighty was born and born super strong His father told him he would never be trusted if he drank alcohol but one day he could not resist He had killed his friends and family and his punishment was to work for the king He was put through several hard labor chalanges I liked this book becuase it was a different ver

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