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Paperback  ✓ Harrison Bergeron eBook á ETSA album esai dan cerpen menghadirkan karya karya bermutu dari pengarang kontemporer dunia seperti Jack Finney, Peter Carey, Natusme Soseki, Woody Allen, Raymond Carver, Bessie Head dan lain lain Dikemas dalam bentuk antologi buku ini menghantarkan imajinasi Anda tanpa batas mulai dari kenangan masa kecil, cinta, misteri, fabel, legenda, ironi, permainan bahasa, bahkan satire terhadap kekuasaan

10 thoughts on “Harrison Bergeron (Etsa, Album Esai & Cerpen, #2)

  1. Irina Irina says:

    So short, yet so thought provoking We fight for equality with fierce determination but do we even imagine how COULD it be had everyone been truly equal Be careful what you wish for comes to mind in this case.

  2. Greg Strandberg Greg Strandberg says:

    While many critics feel this book is weighed down by symbolism or excessive language, I feel it s a good commentary on our life, then and now.

  3. Kati Kettleson Kati Kettleson says:

    Recommendation I would recommend Harrison Bergeron to anyone who is worried about the future I say that because this story tells of a possible solution to today s problems Personal Response This short story creeped me out because I like living in a world of differences It would be weird to live where everyone is pretty much the same person Characterization Harrison In

  4. Gabriela Gabriela says:

    I suddenly absolutely love Vonnegut

  5. Samantha Monteiro Samantha Monteiro says:

    Um conto dist pico escrito em 1961 em que o autor mostra uma sociedade nivelada por baixo O governo usou a equidade para tirar a vantagem de certas pessoas, assim todos poderiam ser iguais, ningu m mais forte ou mais inteligente do que os outros, por exemplo.Para conseguir isso, o governo estipula contrapesos para balancear essas diferen as Se a pessoa mais inteligente do que o padr

  6. Briana Canal Briana Canal says:

    Harrison Bergeron is such a thought provoking short story in the sense that the society they live in is considered our societies goals , because of the equality among everyone Also their society is in a post apocalyptic state where scrap metal and weirdly old styled gadgets are used Harrsion is the son of Grace and George Bergeron of whom contains traits which in that society is considered

  7. Koera Koera says:

    kumcer pertama yang gw beli, waktu itu cuma 6000 perak di diskonan gunung agung Dcerpen yang jadi judul buku ini gw rasa terjemahannya rada njelimet, ceritanya bagus bagus gan gw pribadi paling suka ceritanya natsume suseki, karakter utama dan POV nya dari seekor kucing satir nya kena banget

  8. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    159 2013

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