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Hardcover  ✓ Dear Santasaurus PDF/EPUB á It s January , but Ernest B Spinosaurus is already dreaming of the present Santasaurus will hopefully bring him next Christmas This means, of course, that Ernest will have to stay on Santasaurus s nice list all year long But how will Santasaurus know By Ernest s letters This hilarious story is told entirely through the seventeen letters that Ernest writes to Santasaurus, detailing the whoppingnice acts and the merenaughty acts he racks up through the year Santasaurus even sends a letter in reply Fresh and funny, this countdown to Christmas is a journey through the year that readers will want to take over and over again

10 thoughts on “Dear Santasaurus

  1. Courtnie Courtnie says:

    My fourth grader seemed a littleinterested than my first grader it runs a bit long Cute though.

  2. Christina Banach Christina Banach says:

    Put simply, Dear Santasaurus is wonderful The story is told through a series of letters written by a young dinosaur, Ernest B Spinosaurus, to Santasaurus, the dinosaur equivalent of Santa Ernest is a very engaging character and his efforts to stay on Santa s Nice List really made me chuckle This clever, inventive story with its vibrant illustrations, will delight children and adults alike It would make a perfect present, not just for Christmas but for any time in the year.

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I would read this to older kids 1 3 long and funny.

  4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Dear Santasaurus tells the story of a dinosaur named Ernest He writes letters throughout the year to Santasaurus to tell him about all the naughty and nice things he has done He writes him on every holiday For Valentine s Day Ernest sends Santasaurus a card and tells him he didn t think putting a fake spider in his mom s box of chocolates would scare her so much For Thanksgiving he writes a letter listing the things he is grateful for, like only having 1 sister The year progresses andDear Santasaurus tells the story of

  5. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    Ernest B Spinosaurus isn t wasting any time telling Santasaurus what he wants for Christmas he writes his first letter to Santasaurus on the first of January and continues to write throughout the year And he s determined to stay on Santasaurus Nice List Through Ernest s letters, at once hopeful and cheeky, we get to know this young dinosaur, about his friend Ty, his little sister Amber, and his desire for a Jurassic Turbo Scooter X9 He wants to stay on Santasaurus nice list, and keeps up Ernest B Spinosaurus isn t wasting any

  6. Lynn Davidson Lynn Davidson says:

    Dear Santasaurus by Stacy McAnulty is unlike any dinosaur book or santa book you re likely to read.Dear Santasaurus is a funny story about Ernest B Spinosaurus, a young dinosaur who starts early in the year writing letters to Santasaurus In fact, January 1 his first note is a thank you for his Christmas present even though he already broke it Every month he writes to Santasaurus, sometimes twice, andin December just so he can try to be on the nice list The notes also serve as his Dear Santasaurus by Stacy McAnulty is unlike any dinos

  7. Lauren Williams Lauren Williams says:

    Dear Santasaurus is a perfect winter holiday read or perfect for a bedtime story as Christmas is approaching Often times when children are talking to Santa in books it is merely being narrated, but the interesting point of view in this story was directly from the child s letters When reading this book with a child it will be very relatable for them because most children believe in Santa and the naught or nice list The illustrations in this book were very cute and kid friendly and it didn t se Dear Santasaurus is a perfect winter holiday rea

  8. Brett Brett says:

    As the older sister of a younger brother with very vivid memories of Christmases past not to mention just day to day boy behavior , this book could not possibly have rungtrue Every Single Part Because of that, I think it s just a touch possible that parents caregivers will get the biggest laughs out of this collection of letters from a dinosaur to Santasaurus providing behavioral updates excuses throughout the year along with ever changing specifics about the present he wants th As the older sister of a younger brother with very vivid memories of

  9. Diane Diane says:

    Ernest B Spinosaurus sends a monthly letter to Santa keeping up the communication about what he wants for Christmas it changes frequently and why he should still be on the nice list even though he put a fake spider in Mom s chocolate box on Valentine s Day and scared Granny by shouting Meteor shower By the end of the year, he clearly shows, in a graph, that he has hadnice moments than naughty ones.Kids will love this one.

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    This little dinosaur is sure to write to santasaurus everyday throughout the whole year He includes a little bit of the good and a little bit of the bad, but he feels his niceness outweighs the badness My son thought the book was very funny, especially because he wanted this scooter but kept changing his mind of the color or the style or what it included Very cute story.

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