An Obsession with Cigar Box Guitars: 120 Great Hand-Built

An Obsession with Cigar Box Guitars: 120 Great Hand-Built There s growing movement of self expression unfolding in the world of music Musicians and hobbyists are finding new creative freedom by making their own musical instruments out of unconventional materials In a modern revival of a great American tradition, sliders, pickers, strummers and makers are coming together in what they call the cigar box guitar revolution An Obsession with Cigar Box Guitars celebrates the modern craft of their irresistibly alluring instruments Professional photographer and woodworking enthusiast David Sutton first chronicled the modern revival of the cigar box guitar in his best selling book, Cigar Box Guitars Now he s back to share his obsession with these handmade treasures in an amazing photo gallery that profilesinspiring examples of homemade musical greatness In a testament to human creativity, these guitars range from simple, cardboard diddley bow type instruments to wooden box electric six string models that are impressive than anything you can buy in a store

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