[Download] ✤ Big Ideas in Macroeconomics: A Nontechnical View ➺ Kartik B. Athreya – Pv1.info

[Download] ✤ Big Ideas in Macroeconomics: A Nontechnical View ➺ Kartik B. Athreya – Pv1.info As the author says in the closing paragraphs, this book aligns closely with the first year of graduate studies in economics It served nicely as tangential reading during my rare non busy lunches and worked well being stretched out over a year Kartik is very well read and the one thing that would really be nice is a list at the end of each chapter or at the end of the book of topics that are listed in the book and the references that supplied for each topic in the text. An Accessible Description Of Modern Macroeconomics, And A Defense Of Its Policy RelevanceMacroeconomists Have Been Caricatured Either As Credulous Savants In Love With The Beauty Of Their Mathematical Models Or As Free Market Fundamentalists Who Admit No Doubt As To The Market S Wisdom In This Book, Kartik Athreya Draws A Truer Picture, Offering A Nontechnical Description Of Prominent Ideas And Models In Macroeconomics, And Arguing For Their Value As Interpretive Tools As Well As Their Policy Relevance Athreya Deliberately Leaves Out The Technical Machinery, Providing An Essential Guide To The Sometimes Abstract Ideas That Drive Macroeconomists Research And Practical Policy AdviceAthreya Describes The Main Approach To Macroeconomic Model Construction, The Foundational Walrasian General Equilibrium Framework, And Its Modern Version, The Arrow Debreu McKenzie ADM Model In The Heart Of The Book, Athreya Shows How The Walrasian Approach Shapes And Unifies Much Of Modern Macroeconomics He Details Models Central To Ongoing Macroeconomic Analyses The Neoclassical And Stochastic Growth Models, The Standard Incomplete Markets Model, The Overlapping Generations Model, And The Standard Search Model Athreya S Accessible Primer Traces The Links Between The Views And Policy Advice Of Modern Macroeconomists And Their Shared Theoretical Approach Apparently, nontechnical means without equations and graphs Unfortunately, topics Athreya is writing about are very hard to express in words alone That is why book is quite boring and hard to read The book can be useful for students as a complement totechnical texts, but not for general public. Really struggled to finish it Not for the lazy. 339 A871 2014

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