Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature's Most Memorable

Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature's Most Memorable Fifty Iconic Culinary Scenes from Literary Classics Sure to Delight Readers, Foodies, and Photo Junkies AlikeFictitious Dishes serves up a delectable assortment of photographic interpretations of culinary moments from contemporary and classic literature Showcasing famous meals such as the madcap tea party from Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, the watery gruel from Oliver Twist, the lavish chicken breakfast from To Kill a Mockingbird, the stomach turning avocado and crabmeat salad from The Bell Jar, and the seductive cupcakes from The Corrections, this unique volume pairs each place setting with the text from the book that inspired its creation Interesting food facts and entertaining anecdotes about the authors, their work, and their culinary predilections complete this charming book, which is sure to whet the appetites of lovers of great literature and delicious dishes

10 thoughts on “Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature's Most Memorable Meals

  1. Beth Knight Beth Knight says:

    This book is appealing on a few different levels Anyone who loves books and reading would appreciate it because it contains quotes from a variety of books But foodies and photography lovers would be fans as well because the quotes and photographs are all about the food that s mentioned in the books The book is small, only 117 pages, half of which are the p

  2. Elizabeth A Elizabeth A says:

    This book is like following an Instagram user who loves books and food The author selects texts that talk about food from fifty books you ve either read, or at least heard of them all , and then creates a meal from the text and takes a photo of said meal The book is a collection of these texts and photographs, and it s quite fun to see how the text is interprete

  3. Sunil Sunil says:

    Very interesting assortment of photographs, like an Instagram of meals from various fiction books ranging from Moby Dick to Ulysses The facing page typically covers a few interesting trivia about the food or the context of meals in the books I don t remember or know all of the meals in the context but they surely look quite appetising The book is slightly dear at the

  4. Aziff Aziff says:

    Fictitious Dishes is a humble but beautiful book D Fried picks out fifty the most illustrious passages of food from acclaimed literature Its concept is absurdly simple carefully crafted food photography, the referred passage from the literature and food trivia What you have is a beautiful collection of these wondrous dishes in literature, illustrated This is a perfect book

  5. conrad conrad says:

    I squealed at the page dedicated to Confederacy of Dunces This is a beautiful tribute, and with the wide variety, excellent choice of excerpts, and detailed pictures, this holds well as a coffee table book or a casual flip through and reread.

  6. James McIntosh Jr. James McIntosh Jr. says:

    Although it may be a bit difficult to stay fully interested all the way through it, this is a neat book I can appreciate the vision, imagination, creativity, effort, and skill that was put into its making Fried had to do her research, locate interesting items for the photos, and then arrange and take the unique photos.There are many interesting, and sometimes fascinating, facts about a

  7. Katie Katie says:

    My two favorite things, food and books, together I should have loved this, right But this book just didn t really have a spark for me It was an excerpt from a book, a few facts about the book and the food mentioned, and a picture of a recreation of the meal from the book Even writing this now, I feel like that s a cool idea But it just wasn t very exciting The photos felt very static Now tha

  8. Maggie Maggie says:

    Oddly lovely and denser than one might expect from a rather high concept book Each two page spread is a quote about a meal from an iconic book, with a photo of or riffing on said meal But what takes it to another level is the quite delightful and idiosyncratic footnotes about the book, or the food, or food in general Did you know that JD Salinger s father was a ham and cheese importer Or that ther

  9. Heather Heather says:

    Julie recommended this to me approximately a decade ago and I finally got around to it Such lovely, fun quotes I often end up reproducing food from books I read and I m glad it s not just me There were a few inconsistencies between the quotes and the pictures that bothered me but I think that s just me Entertaining otherwise and super clever.

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    I liked this but the The Catcher in the Rye sandwich clearly said it was swiss cheese but the picture was American and I can t forgive that.

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