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E Pluribus Bang! eBook ´ E Pluribus  Kindle - No President of the United States, as far as I know, has committed a personal act of murder while in office This doesn t mean, of course, that it hasn t happened These days particularly, with the enormous personal apparatus he has at his disposal the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, even the armed forces a President could kill someone in the White House itself, as long as he didn t do it publicly, and get one or of these agencies to dispose of all evidence that the event had ever even taken place In fact, since his unique position virtually makes him the focus of the entire worldthe President undoubtedly not only could get away with it, but indeed, would probably be required to, in the best interest not only of the nation but of the entire Free World From notes found among papers attributed to George Ramsey Kirk, th President of the United States

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