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Naughty or Nice ePUB ☆ Naughty or  ePUB · This winter, the New York Times bestselling author spices things up with something hotIn Naughty or Nice, Eric Jerome Dickey explores the lives of three sisters, each with their own man problems But this holiday season, Frankie, Livvy, and Tommie McBroom are not only getting together, but finally gettin it together and discovering what family, sisterhood, and love are all about

10 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice

  1. Nicole Bedford Nicole Bedford says:

    Man who would have though that we would get to know exactly who the twins were that was mentioned when Frankie was talking to her sisterslol I read Pleasures before reading this one so when they mentioned Frankie and then reading this one they mentioned the twins.I was in awe of this man all over again He is such an amazing talent when it comes to pen to paper and I absolu

  2. Ka’leneReads Ka’leneReads says:

    I like the appearances and connections of the collection of characters by Dickey The twins from one of the novels I ve yet to read are mentioned and the plot of twist of the appearance of Panther, one of my favorite female characters by Dickey, had me happier at the end This makes his books that muchenjoyable I m currently reading Naughtier than Nice and one of my favorite male

  3. Annalicia Taylor Annalicia Taylor says:

    I must say I did enjoyed reading this book I love the relationship between the three sisters, especially the way that they look out for each other My favorite was Livvy because she mostly reminded me of myself And as always I m always hoping that there would be a book two waiting for me to read I personally think that Eric should have continued the novel into the New Years, because

  4. Byron Washington Byron Washington says:

    NOT BADA good, but not great tale Well thought out and written, but JUST missing that secret ingredient that you always seem to find in books written by EJD.I still rate it as a buy it, read it and enjoy.

  5. Jerome Pritchard Jerome Pritchard says:

    This was a very entertaining book I couldn t put it down from the very first page Drawn into the intricate lives of these women, I felt I became a part of their lives I laughed and cried and enjoyed every moment of it What made this book for me was the close bond these sisters had They had a great relationship and stuck together even when life got tough I m grateful for reading I highly recom

  6. Carol Hornsby-mccoy Carol Hornsby-mccoy says:

    Very good read I wasn t sure when I first picked it up, but after the prologue I was sold I loved the relationship the sisters shared and there support they shared for each other There bond was arable There trials of lost of loved ones and broken relationships was noted and familiar Great ending

  7. Tiara Tiara says:

    Audiobook Really loved the narrators telling the story They managed to bring the sisters to life for me.

  8. Joann Joann says:

    It was ok an interesting read

  9. C Munn C Munn says:

    The premise of this book was great, but it just didn t quite make it there The book was obviously written by a man from the female perspective and I wonder why he didn t write a book about three brothers instead of women The storyline was interesting, but it was hard to follow and two of the sisters, who I think were twins, were too similar and the twin fact was given way late in the book or mentioned in such a

  10. Barbara Schultz Barbara Schultz says:

    0 stars This came up as a suggestion on Libby as a Romantic Holiday novel Since today is December 23, I thought a light Holiday romantic novel seemed like a good idea So I downloaded Yikes The first page told me otherwise I went to Goodreads for a review and saw it listed under the genre of Erotica Anyone who knows me knows Erotica is definitely NOT my kind of a read BTW A BIG thank you to Goodreads I know I should h

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