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Ten Little Pirates Kindle ✓ Ten Little  PDF or Nice variation of the standard story Nice graphics, funny and quick read. While there's nothing unique about this book, it contains all of the ingredients for an engaging read aloud: rhyming, repetition, onomatopoeia, counting, big colorful illustrations, and pirates! As a reward during reading skills sessions with a rising 1st grader, I let them choose one book for me to read aloud at the end This one quickly turned into one that we read together in unison It's a quick fun read that both prereaders and emerging readers will enjoy Recommended for group Story Time. This is a great books for teaching children numbers 1 10 There are ten little pirates at the beginning of the story, on each page one gets taken away For example Nine little Pirates searching for their mate Zap! goes the lightning now there are eight All the pirates are washed up to an Island together at the end.Numbers are written out in the text but also in digit form on each page, therefore giving lots of opportunities for children to practice the numbers The book is really fun to read as it uses a lot of onomatopoeic words and rhyming words It can work well as an introduction to these language features The cartoon images on each page and strong, bright and colourful.I would recommend this for reception aged children. I'm not a huge fan of this book as it's not very unique but J loves this It's the story of 10 little pirates who slowly get knocked off one by one till there is only one lone pirate left Then the other pirates miraculously return and they all have a party on an island Some of the situations are a bit scary, one pirate gets eaten by a shark, however all ends well and J wasn't bothered at all As said previously he loves helping me to read this book, he loves the countdown of pirates J is in reception and one of the things he must be able to do at the end of the year is to understand the concept of taking away 1 This is obviously a great book to practise this The illustrations are great, its bright and colourful If you are going to pick a book from this series though I'd go with Ten Little Dinosaurs, I thought it was a slightly better version of the same basic story. Ten little pirates sailing out to sea,Looking for adventure, happy as can beAre they hunting treasure? Are they going far?Ten little pirates all say, Arrrrrr!Ten little pirates set out to sea in search of adventure But what will the ten little pirates do when they meet a hurricaneand a giant squidand a HUNGRY SHARK?This funfilled rhyming story, which incorporates counting backwards from ten to one, is great to share with young children who are learning about numbers The colourful, humourous illustrations feature objects to spot and count on every page With a bouncy, rhythmic text and lots of great sound words, this piratical adventure is perfect for sharing again and again Since we're going through that pirate loving phase, this book is a great way to properly learn the numbers while enjoying the wonderful illustrations aswell! My little pirate loves it and he keeps saying ARRRRRR!!! This is a cute little counting book I was a bit worried as it progressed It's scary! But things work out in the end Thank goodness! Cute! Scarlett aged 6 ****Poppy aged 4 **** As expected 2yo likes it I think they could have done with a boat at the end though I don't see them surviving very long on that island.

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