The Real Gorbals Story: True Tales from Glasgow's Meanest

The Real Gorbals Story: True Tales from Glasgow's Meanest Colin MacFarlane was born in the Gorbals in the s,years after the publication of No Mean City, the classic novel about pre war life in what was once Glasgow s most deprived district He lived in the same street as its fictional razor king , Johnnie Stark, and subsequently realised that a lot of the old characters represented in the book were still around as late as the s Men still wore bunnets and played pitch and toss women still treated the steamie as their social club The razor gangs were running amok once again, and filth, violence, crime, rats, poverty and drunkenness abounded, just like they did in No Mean CityMacFarlane witnessed the last days of the old Gorbals as a major regeneration programme, begun in , was implemented, and, as a street boy, he had a unique insight into a once great community in rapid decline In this engrossing book, MacFarlane reveals what it was really like to live in the old Gorbals

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