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Arizona! PDF/EPUB á Mass Market Paperback Where there is no law and order, the renegade will prety on the weak and innocent West of Yuma, beneath the red sandstone bluffs, the comancheros reigned with brutal terror A motley crew of savagte men, they rode with lust in their hearts and cruelty on their minds For until brave men rose up to stop them, these desperadoes like evil doers everywhere made fear their ally in a battle for the landIZONA To a sun scorched frontier the Winchester rifle promised redemption from a hell of outlaw tyranny In the hands of brave cavalry officers such as Cindy Holt s new husband, Reed Kerr, this superior weapon could be the ture peacemaker of the West But treachery has no honor, and an ambush could cut down youth and hope, not just in Yuma, but abroad, where Wet Pointer Capt Henry Blake undertook a dangerous secret missionand in Kentucky where famous scout Toby Holt son of legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt took aim at a scoundrel s heart These men are forced to face their most dangerous enemies and with their hearts, minds, and bullets, protect and defend family, country, and decency in the epic ARIZONA

10 thoughts on “Arizona!

  1. Chris Gager Chris Gager says:

    I m getting near the end of The Fifties and have kind of impulsively decided to start another book This one is a part of a series from the 80 s that presents a historical fiction tale set in mostly west

  2. Mgsmith Mgsmith says:

    May sound somewhat repetitive here but I got hooked on the first book and it was like an addiction.The author shows how the westward movement affected families and individuals while placing them within histor

  3. Lynn Lynn says:

    I was disappointed I enjoy historical fiction, but this one really didn t give me a good sense of the land and the times It felt very disjointed as it jumped around to different states and countries and their chara

  4. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    This was entertaining, but I was hoping for the setting to be Arizona Maybe two chapters took place in AZ and the rest were elsewhere.

  5. Partridge Public Partridge Public says:

    Ross, Dana Fuller PB

  6. Cws Cws says:

    W Ros

  7. Debbie West Debbie West says:

    one of my favorite books in this series hasof the old West flavor, which some books had lost.

  8. Michael Garreffa` Michael Garreffa` says:

    Second Time I am Reading this Series.

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