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[[ Reading ]] ➽ The Husband Project Author Kristine Rolofson – Pv1.info HE WON T TRADE IN THE TENT FOR A WHITE PICKET FENCE Small Town Life Has Never Held Any Charm For Documentary Filmmaker Sam Hove But After A Mishap In The During Filming, Willing, Montana, Seems Like The Perfect Place For A Quiet Recovery Until He Finds Out That The Town Is Hosting A Reality Dating Show And With A Neighbor Like Lucia Swallow, The Idea Of Love And Commitment Are Dangerous Than Anything He S Encountered In The Wild A Widow With Three Kids, Lucia Represents Everything Sam Has Always Avoided Responsibility, Family, Stability So Why Is He Finding Any Excuse He Can To Be With Her And The Children A Life With Lucia Couldn T Possibly Be The Kind Of Adventure He S Looking For, So He S Got To Get Out Before He Gets Hooked.

10 thoughts on “The Husband Project

  1. Kat Barnette Kat Barnette says:

    Loved it The hilarious second book in the Willing to Wed series did not disappoint From his mysterious tales of the and his book deliveries, Sam was the perfect character to fit into Willing Great story line that had me chuckling throughout the book.

  2. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    Here s the recipe for a great read Take one documentary filmmaker who seeks a quiet place to rest and heal after an accident in the Add a widow with three precious boys who live next door and make fabulous pies and other goodies that set Sam s mouth the watering for her as well as her baked goods Place them both in tiny Willing, MT, and add snow, Christmas, and a blizzard where the oldest child, Davy, is thought to be lo

  3. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Willing to Wed

  4. Marion Galvin Marion Galvin says:

    Greatloved every page wonderful characters incorporated the 1st book well I want another book about the same town so many good people

  5. Jenn bailey Jenn bailey says:

    Love storyI loved this book and how it followed the previous one It is a sweet love story that doesn t get dirty and too raunchy.

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