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The Bridge Tender MOBI ì The Bridge  PDF/EPUB ² Emily must realize that her dreams didn t have to die with her first loveWhen Emily Shaw, a young widow, learns that her late husband s last surprise for her involves returning to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to realize an old dream of theirs, she reluctantly embarks on a summer of discovery in the midst of griefThere, in the oasis of the beach community, she meets a host of townspeople with their own broken dreams and unexpected situations As the island citizens divide over the fate of the nostalgic bridge, Emily happens upon a man who just may be the one to restore her faith in dreams, hope, and even love

10 thoughts on “The Bridge Tender

  1. Hallie Szott Hallie Szott says:

    Marybeth Whalen s newest novel, The Bridge Tender, is a charmingly sweet read With a few moments that brought tears to my eyes and manythat made me laugh out loud, this story drew me in and would not let me go Wh

  2. Tima Tima says:

    Emily is left devastated and heartbroken when her husband passes away from cancer But before his death he left her with a strange request and the means to fulfill it He wants her to purchase a summer house on their isl

  3. Carol Carol says:

    When a young widow Emily Shaw learns that her husbands last surprize involves returning to Sunset Beach, North Carolina to realize an old dream of theirs she embarks on a summer of discovery in the mist of grief She meets th

  4. Marisa Carter Marisa Carter says:

    Sweet, well written story with deeper meanings of grief, loneliness, forgiveness and choosing to see blessings in each day because of circumstances and people in our lives The only way you could safely get from one place to the ot

  5. Aimee Aimee says:

    Took a minute to get there Great book I originally discovered this gem in half priced books but didn t buy it After not being able to get it off my mind I decided to get it on , and I am so glad that I made that decision.

  6. Vivian Vivian says:

    Picked up this book because it s set in my favorite place in the whole world The story itself is Hallmark movie channel stuffsweet romance, which is just not a genre I m really into any which is the reason I only awarded three stars.

  7. Kim Wingo Kim Wingo says:

    Another great book by MaryBeth Her books are written around Sunset Beach and that is what draws me to them not to mention she is a NC author.

  8. Steven Steven says:

    Just like a visit to Sunset Beach.

  9. Sally Andrews Sally Andrews says:

    Good summer read Nothing earth shaking, but I DID love the Christian tones in this book Sweet story, poignant and tender.

  10. Carol Carol says:

    This is a sweet story with many twists and turns I enjoyed the story line immensely.

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