Mastering Online Research: A Comprehensive Guide to

Mastering Online Research: A Comprehensive Guide to Now that I have my computer back it will be interesting to try some of her ideas However the book was written in 2007, so much has probably changed. FIND THE INFO YOU RE AFTERThe internet is a valuable research tool for anyone, but finding relevant, accurate information isn t always as easy as the click of a mouse If you ve found yourself at a dead end on the information superhighway, then let experienced researcher Maura Shaw show you the wayShaw takes you through the techniques and tools you need to find information ranging from historical data to medical information to images and videos Screen shots of different pages enable you to follow along as Shaw explains the process of finding information Simple explanations of technical terms and step by step instruction help you learn how to Use bookmarks effectivelyEvaluate websites for relevancy, accuracy, and currencyUse basic and advanced search features, such as Boolean operatorsLocate and access helpful reference websitesConduct market research to help with writing and publishingKnow when you have enough information to stop researchingDistinguish between types of search enginesWith the skills and knowledge found in this comprehensive guide, you ll be able to search the internet with speed and accuracy in no time, so you spend less time digging for information and time putting it to good use Quite a bit of good information however based on the title I thought it would be for theadvanced researcher The first part of the book was pretty elementary and that was a disappointment However I was able to get quite a bit from the later part of the book. This may be a good book for a person doing general research on the Internet It does not offer that much that is helpful to someone doingacademic work I perused this, and learned a few new things. Pretty decent if you re somehow new to the internet although I highly doubt anyone reading this review would be.But other than the great amount of online resources for research purposes Chapter Six , it s really not worth the read for anyone who s been using the internet for the past couple years. Great resource for beginner researchers I used this resource to build a fabulous bookmarks library on my google account Great suggestions for search terms andSuitable for students but also anyone wanting to know how to enhance their search efforts.

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