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Rajaji, a Life PDF ¶ Rajaji, a  PDF/EPUB ² The definitive biography of free India s first Head of State Chakravarti Rajagopalachari , popularly called CR or Rajaji, is usually remembered as free India s Governor General, or the first Indian Head of State At one time considered Gandhi s heir, this brilliant lawyer from Salem was regarded in pre independence years as one of the top five leaders of the Congress along with Nehru, Prasad, Patel and Azad This biography written by Rajaji s grandson, the noted historian and biographer Rajmohan Gandhi, highlights Rajaji s role in the events preceding Partition A statesman and conciliator of conflicts between stalwarts, he was perhaps the sole Congress leader in the forties to admit to the likelihood of Partition He prophesied even then that Pakistan might break up in twenty five years Later, CR became a strident critic of Nehru and the Congress As a founder of the Swatantra party in the fifties, he attacked the permit license Raj fearing its potential for corruption and stagnation, even while the tide was in favour of Nehru s socialistic pattern Meticulously researched, using CR s private papers, his contemporaries archives, extensive interviews with eye witnesses and contemporary accounts and newspapers, this intensely personal, yet objective account gives us an unparalleled portrait of one of the outstanding Indians of this century

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  1. Venkateswaran Venkateswaran says:

    4 stars 3 for the book , 5 for the man It seems it was not very long ago that extraordinary people strode through the political circles The decay is embarrassing to say the least The book, being a biography is divided chronologically and is thusattractive to the historian rather than the casual reader, who seeks to understand the man as composite whole At a point in time, I was going to ab

  2. Senthilkumar Senthilkumar says:

    Being an atheist,the song that I seek at times of turmoil is kurai ondrum illai .After learning that it was written by Rajaji and further that he wrote from third person s as a harijan would, based on an Hindu archive article , I tried to findabout him online, as usual and ended up getting this book.God, isn t Rajaji the most important person in the New Indian History, also the least studied a

  3. S Ashok S Ashok says:

    Rajaji is one of the personalities who is constantly portrayed as a villain in many of the biopics on other people like the Film on Periyar One thing everyone in Tamilnadu knows is that he was a castiest bhraminical leader who wanted to bring education system based on Varna system There is no defender for him in the current scheme of things, by opposing Nehru post independence he cut his links wit

  4. Aniruddh Sudharshan Aniruddh Sudharshan says:

    Beside the fact that this took longer than intended, this was good choice to start 2017.A biography is only as good as its subject, so when a biographer takes two full books and a condensed version running upto 500 pages and still in the end ask What sort of a man was CR , realisation strikes that you have in your hands a book on a man who has lived a full life Which also contributes to my only grouse

  5. Raghavendra Raghavendra says:

    Read my review of this book on my blog Read my review of this book on my blog

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