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Kindle Edition  Ç Incest PDF á This is a true story of six generations of family incest to be read by every family member, psychologist, medical professional, researcher, educator, policy maker, law maker, legal professional, and every talk show host I am the Great Granddaughter, Great Niece, Niece, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, and Neighbor of an accused Child Molester And my family is not the only family It is no longer a family secret it is an epidemic and this war against our children must stop nowIt is my theory that incest is an illness passed on from generation to generation the same as other addictions afflictions which take over the victim s feelings and drives them to conduct these acts which they have no control over Until we address this issue as a disease instead of a crime our jails and communities will continue to be overloaded with these outcasts our loved ones We must build an ARCH a safe place where families may Acknowledge their illness, accept Responsibility, Confront the illness and begin the Healing to STOP INCESTWe can t change history but it is up to us to change the future We must provide rights to the sexually challenged by providing awareness, education, resources and treatment to end this story Six generation later, I refuse to remain silent and allow this to continue We must break the silence, demand change, and take steps to cure this legally silenced unspeakable epidemic

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