Way of Warrior Trader: The Financial Risk-Taker's Guide to

Way of Warrior Trader: The Financial Risk-Taker's Guide to Trading is war, an ongoing battle against other traders to get to profitable positions first, seize profits and move on to the next battle The Way of the Warrior Trader applies time honored precepts of the samurai discipline to modern trading, showing the reader ways to use centuries old methods for victory in today s trading markets The Way of the Warrior Trader Provides a six step action plan for trading Explains how to recover psychologically from a loss Describes how to overcome the deep seated psychological barriers to effective trading

10 thoughts on “Way of Warrior Trader: The Financial Risk-Taker's Guide to Samurai Courage, Confidence and Discipline

  1. Richard Houchin Richard Houchin says:

    This book is fun just for the anecdotes peppered throughout it Each chapter is bookended by a samurai story at the beginning and an anecdote about stock trading at the end These stories are cool and always elicit a smile.However, there s a lot of mystical woo and silliness to be found in this book, the worst example being the sections on the law of manifestation that misguided idea that thinking ab

  2. Dhanik Dhanik says:

    He is a fraud, only if saw I the court case before I bought the book The writer has a whole court case about misleading people During the relevant time, the website identified McCall as Dr Richard McCall, PhD and represented that he is a former clinical psychologist.13 In fact, McCall graduated high school in 1972 and thereafter received no undergraduate or graduate degree from any educational institu

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