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Koko PDF/EPUB á Mass Market Paperback KOKO Only four men knew what it meant Now they must stop it They are Vietnam vets a doctor, a lawyer, a working stiff, and a writer Very different from each other, they are nonetheless linked by a shared history and a single shattering secret Now, they have been reunited and are about to embark on a quest that will take them from Washington, DC to the graveyards and fleshpots of the Far East to the human jungle of New York, hunting someone from the past who has risen from the darkness to kill and kill and kill

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  1. Maciek Maciek says:

    Koko is a lenghty tome My paperback copy spans 640 pages and promises great things a haunting nightmare of four Vietnam veterans, reunited 15 years after the war, thrust back into the horrors of the war when they learn about a chain of murders comitted in Southeast Asia the murderer always leaves a playi

  2. Arah-Lynda Arah-Lynda says:

    It has been at least a decade since I last tried to read this book, which I had attempted before on two previous occasions And I knew how far I had gotten each time, if not by some whiff of remembering then at least by the markers I had placed where I had stopped each time It was the pure principal of the thing t

  3. Ron Ron says:

    If you ve thought about reading Koko, then Be Like Mike and Just Do It Stephen King fans may appreciate this book, and know about the connection with his friend, Peter Straub These two guys are like bookends in the horror genre At times, they even have a similar way of writing But Koko is its own thing It s not like Stra

  4. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    Tricksy ReviewWhere to start An uneasy read, this There is real madness to be found here A brooding, heady insanity Koko, the novel, is a disjointed, psychological, somewhat confusing affair Why then is it such a good read Well, because that is also the best way to describe half the characters in this piece of work There is cert

  5. mark monday mark monday says:

    the atmosphere of degradation, regret, self loathing, and impending doom was pervasive and absorbing the author shows a sure hand with characterization and a steady one with narrative the identity of the killer was unsurprising but well conceived and either as an extended metaphor for What We Did Wrong in Vietnam or as an ominous tract

  6. Jon Recluse Jon Recluse says:

    This is the epitome of mystery thriller writing, penned by a master of literary fiction at the height of his powers.Four men, bonded by the horrors of war, reunite to hunt one of their own, when a series of brutal killings a world away leads them back into their shared pasts, to face the specter that haunts them all..KOKO.A dense, complex book

  7. Bill Khaemba Bill Khaemba says:

    Finally finished it Buddy Read with the awesome The Eclectic Club It was fun ride but it had some bumps along the way Finally finished it Buddy Read with the awesome The Eclectic Club It was fun ride but it had some bumps along the way

  8. Mike Mike says:

    This has got to be one of the best thrillers I ve ever read That might sound like a backhanded compliment, especially if you happen to know that I don t read a lot of thrillers, but I don t mean it to be I m even tempted to call it the Moby Dick of thrillers it s long after all, tempestuous, a little dreamlike, it sometimes meanders, and it s about four men in

  9. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    I m only reviewing this so that, if I ever mistakenly pick this up again in the future, I will have a warning in place to steer me to something else instead.I first read this as a stupid teenager and enjoyed it The book starts off great but then meanders into an antiquated jumble of overwrought writing and cringe worthy narration.In the narration, which is omnicient a

  10. Cody | CodysBookshelf Cody | CodysBookshelf says:

    As is the case when I finish other Peter Straub novels, I closed Koko last night, speechless, aware that I had been, at least on a tiny level, transformed As per usual with Straub, this book is an experience light beach reading it is not Straub deals in and with psychology, tethering it to literary elements like human psychology, his narratives and characters are puzzles that

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