10 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye (Philip Marlowe, #6)

  1. s.p s.p says:

    To say goodbye is to die a little.There are some books that just feel good to have on your dashboard, never too far from your fingertips to read in the tiny gaps between obligations and responsibility The type of book that rides shotgun and keeps you company through the

  2. Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh says:

    Chandler s known as the king of LA noir and word is this is his best His writing is lean and clean, short staccato sentences with not a word wasted Almost poetic in its brevity not to be confused with lack of substance Humour me, I m trying it out on this review view spoiler it s

  3. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    Philip Marlowe, a cynical shamus, looks down at the parking lot of The Dancers Club, watching a drunk, be put into his car, a silver Rolls Royce, but the annoyed valet, has trouble, the left leg refuses to be moved inside, instead remains firmly on the ground Where the rest of the intoxica

  4. Orsodimondo Orsodimondo says:

    IT S OK WITH MEMarlowe cresce, senza invecchiare Letterariamente nato nel 1939, qui appare quattordici anni dopo per la sesta volta Disilluso, e apparentemente cinico, in realt il solito inguaribile romantico, qui pi che mai Al punto da credere ancora in valori come l amicizia, e perfino l onest.In

  5. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    A down and out friend of Marlowe s flees to Mexico with Marlowe s help, his wife dead under suspicious circumstances Marlowe s friend soon turns up dead, an apparent suicide But what does his death, if anything, have to do with a drunk writer Marlowe finds himself watching I m not really sure how I feel abo

  6. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    511 The Long Goodbye Philip Marlowe, 6 , Raymond Chandler 1999 1378 408 9646728073 6 20511 The Long Goodbye Philip Marlowe, 6 , Raymond Chandler 1999 1378 408 9646728073 6 20

  7. Hadrian Hadrian says:

    Dammit, Raymond Chandler has style He has finesse His use of metaphor is so good that he is still an original, even after lesser noirists have copied or stolen from him outright for the past sixty years.Yet for a hardboiled novel with the slickest of metaphors, Chandler is still a very sensitive writer For a genre so easily

  8. Michael Michael says:

    I enjoyed the atmospherics and mood of this one, the last of Chandler s detective stories featuring Philip Marlowe This one is different in beingmeditative and in havingof a focus on alienation among the wealthy residents of gated compounds Chandler also restrains Marlowe s use of colorful similes in his interior monologues, which be

  9. Anthony Vacca Anthony Vacca says:

    When it comes to Raymond Chandler s novels starring the smart ass, misanthropic PI Phillip Marlowe, there s The Long Goodbye and then there s everything else Chandler ever wrote and it s a long, lonely drive in between The Big Sleep, Farwell, My Lovely, and The Little Sister are all seminal works of the hard boiled genre, too be sure and on a

  10. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Philip Marlowe saves a drunken guy from being dumped in a ditch He does it again another time He does is yet again another time And another And another Finally he gets into trouble for doing this no good deed ever goes unpunished.This book gives a very realistic gritty picture of US life in early fifties It provides social commentary on the subject It

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