The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of

The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of If we were made for relationship with God, why do we often feel lost and distant from Him The life of Christian faith is and always has been a beautifully awkward reality Following Jesus is done can only be done in the messiness of this world into which we were all born Yet many Christians expect the walk of faith to be easier, neater, and relatively devoid of hasslesSo perhaps it s time for a frank conversation about the true nature of Christian faith Maybe there are many desperately in need of a clear dialogue about how despite living in a turbulent, chaotic world our greatest joy is found in our pursuit of GodIn The Grand Paradox, Ken Wytsma seeks to help readers understand that although God can be mysterious, He is in no way absentGod s ways are contradictory and counter to the way the world tells us to pursue happinessDoubt is okay, it will accompany in the life of faithWhat looks like struggle can actually be the most important and meaningful season of our livesThis book is an exploration of the art of living by faith It is a book for all those wrestling with the paradoxes that confront those who seek to walk with Christ It s an honest look at how faith works, here and now, in our culture, our time and how to put down real roots and flourish in the midst of our messy lives

10 thoughts on “The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God and the Necessity of Faith

  1. Karen Zacharias Karen Zacharias says:

    I believe we are all closet doubters, Ken Wytsma says.We don t always recognize it as such but doubt is our path to God Here s what Ken says about doubt in his book Throughout Scripture, God never challenges whether doubt should exist It is the one

  2. David David says:

    Honestly, I did not expect much from this book I had never heard of the author but I picked it up when I saw a few people recommend it on Twitterand it was free for a few days After reading some challenging books this summer, from philosophers who hurt m

  3. Mark Mark says:

    Good book on seeking and following Jesus through our messy lives Knowing that it s not easy and we will have hardships, it s how we handle those hardships that will define us.Quite a few quotations from others at times made it seemlike a compilation than orig

  4. James James says:

    If you want a simple, step by step approach to the Christian faith don t read The Grand Paradox by Ken Wytsma Like his earlier volume, Pursuing Justice, Wytsma examines an idea from many different angles In the former book he looked at the mosaic of justice Here h

  5. Emily Hill Emily Hill says:

    This book is one of the most helpful books I ve ever read on navigating the Christian life and changed the way I think about my faith on a daily basis I d highly recommend it.

  6. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    Note This book was provided for free by BookLook Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review This book certainly lives up to its name, as it is full of paradoxes It is a book that calls on obedience and decries cheap grace, but defines that righteousness a bit

  7. Hank Pharis Hank Pharis says:

    This book is refreshingly honest I hate to say that most books on the Christian life aren t but Here are a few of the opening paragraphs of the book which give you a taste for it We want answers from God We have a ravenous appetite for clarity in life And often, we desire justif

  8. Wes Moldogo Wes Moldogo says:

    You d think with something as beautiful as a Faith that s mysterious and paradoxical, there d bebooks on it, within mainstream Christianity, right KW clearly put a lot of work into this book, he talks about faith, messiness, and doubt from multiple angles within the Faith I docked it

  9. Josh Josh says:

    Honest, but lightI appreciated the honesty and the you won t find answers here candor in the first few chapters But, then the latter half of the book fell into the same old verse quoting, niceties that we ve been telling ourselves for centuries that always leave us looking forMaybe that w

  10. Edward Durand Edward Durand says:

    Ken Wytsma s book was very thought provoking It gave me much to consider and ponder I even saw myself being described in a couple of chapters Ken caused me to be stretched and to grow I am still giving thought to what he wrote.

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