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Claiming His Family PDF/EPUB ✓ Claiming His  eBook SECRET BABY Alyson Fitzroy had a secret A precious baby she struggled to protect, until the harrowing day her child was stolen Now the only man she could turn to was Dex Harrington The powerful DA who could put her baby s kidnapper behind bars forever The lover who had fathered her childDETERMINED DADDY Dex Harrington was shocked to discover he had a son and determined to keep his baby safe Even if that meant taking matters into his own hands Even if that meant allowing Alyson Fitzroy into his heart Because as soon as he joined forces with the beauty he believed had betrayed him, he realized so much was at stake For he hungered to claim this woman and child as his own once and for all

10 thoughts on “Claiming His Family

  1. D. E. D. E. says:

    An AV P dual sided mystery novel One side is understandable However, the other side has an unknown variable The life of a child has been threatened and a woman approached the father for assistance to protect his son The woman has kept hidden the fact of her

  2. Carrie Olguin Carrie Olguin says:

    Compelling enough for me to finish reading but too may character problems and logic errors for me to thoroughly enjoy The hero is the DA His son is kidnapped Instead of doing what a lawman would do call the FBI for help cause kidnapping is a Federal, not a local o

  3. SweetSue SweetSue says:

    When I read some of these older books, I sometimes wish they could be rewritten today I believe the original copyright for this was 2003, so not an 80s thriller it has good bones and could be a much better book Part of the problem of course is the length No Harlequin is

  4. Sati Marie Frost Sati Marie Frost says:

    Alyson and Dex were lovers, until her father committed a crime and she stood by him Feeling betrayed, Dex refused to allow Alyson to remain in his life and consequently never found out that she was pregnant with his child.Now that child has been kidnapped, and Alyson needs De

  5. Theresa Theresa says:

    great book

  6. Jess Jess says:

    Picked up in the ERa quick read.

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