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Free ↠ Born to Ride By Eva Grace – Love Lust Betrayal She Never Meant To Fall In Love All Audrey Becker Wanted To Do Was Reunite With Her Estranged Father, Sons Of Chaos MC President Trent Trigg Becker She Didn T Want To Fall For One Of His Arch Rivals, But When She Meets The Vice President Of The Reapers MC, The Sexy Young Vince Jackson, She Can T Stop Herself From Tumbling Head Over Heels Torn Between The Warring Clubs And Struggling To Adjust To Her New Lifestyle, Audrey Tries Her Best To Overcome Her Fears But What Will Happen When She Is Forced To Choose This Is A Gritty Yet Sweet MC Romance Novel With Violence, Rough Language And Love Scenes As Scorching Hot As They Come For Adults Only Word Count , Word

10 thoughts on “Born to Ride

  1. Deborah Deborah says:

    Nice lighter MC romance.Audrey s mother died two years earlier leaving her living with a step father and step brothers and while there s nothing wrong in this she wants to reconnect with the father she hasn t seen

  2. Judy Judy says:

    More like 2.5 stars for me It was just ok, not something I ll remember or go back and read again.

  3. Lenna Wright-Berry Lenna Wright-Berry says:

    Really great story about Audrey moving from NYC 2 years after her mother died that she decides to leave the big apple to a small Nevada town Same town where her estranged father lives and is the president of the Sons of Chaos MC, s

  4. Dee Dee says:

    This was an okay read, nothing to write home about, but not much to complain about either Other than that some of the story required a fair amount of suspension of belief for me.For example, my wee brain couldn t get around how a 5 2 woman

  5. Roseanna Mcclain Roseanna Mcclain says:

    What anice light MC biker book It still had drama but not as harsh Something was missing The character development was lacking I wanteddetails about them I wantedinteraction between Audrey and Vince Vince was so sweet Very different from the other b

  6. April kaup April kaup says:

    I am really glad I got this book, it has everything that you could want in a book It has its pull to readThe want to keep reading and the desire to want to know how the book ends I am glad I finish the book.

  7. Dacia Dacia says:

    DNF at like 15 20%

  8. Shellie Johnson Shellie Johnson says:

    This was a very good start for a new series I really enjoyed it Had lots of love in it Just my kind of book.

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