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The Final Countdown PDF/EPUB Þ The Final  Epub / December th,The United States Naval Carrier Nimitz is the finest warship in the world She is carrying a nuclear payload that can level a continent And a fleet of fighter jets that can deliver it Her crew is a handpicked one like Captain Matthew Yelland, who endured the torture of the Viet Cong and did not break And Warren Lasky, the civilian think tank who designed the warship to weather any battle But a nightmare journey has brought her to a place where no amount of brains or courage can help To a battle that no man can win Pearl Harbor, December th,

10 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Noel Thingvall Noel Thingvall says:

    Most of the problems from this book result from the script film it was adapting, which was an entertaining movie, don t get me wrong, it s just a very thin one There s not much to the characters, most of its themes and concepts are just briefly brushed on instead of really explored, and just as the story kicks

  2. Gina Van Wyk Gina Van Wyk says:

    Loved everything about this book I ve read it several times and loved it every time The movie was well done too

  3. Ben Ben says:

    As a former sailor who entered the Navy a couple years after the movie and book were made, I really found it to be one of the truly cool military books stories of the post Vietnam era It was total escapist fantasy but really a great what if story that became a moderately successful movie The live action shots of th

  4. P.S. Winn P.S. Winn says:

    This is such a great idea for a story and the author takes you on a journey that is incredible and a taste of history.It would be amazing if we really could find a vortex to take us back in time I have written stories similar but my vortexes take us sideways, I think this book is so much harder to write because you h

  5. Randy Randy says:

    Novelization of the movie with the nuclear carrier slipping through a time rift to just before Pearl Harbor.

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