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Escape to Canamith: Templeton's Ark eBook ´ Escape to The planet is rebelling Mother Nature is angry All forms of life are attacking humans and threatening the food and water supply Professor Lila Jenkins, working for the government s task force, believes scientific reasoning will provide the explanation for everything Her father, Rex Templeton, Chief Elder of the isolated citizens of Canamith, is convinced that the two thousand year old prophecy is coming true the end of mankind Lila fled Canamith years ago to pursue a teaching career Was she justified, or was it the biggest mistake of her life While Lila frantically searches for answers, Templeton s followers are preparing to seal the door on a myriad of tunnels within the Mountains of Canamith to provide a safe haven from the planets devastation Templeton is determined to get his daughter and her family back home A rescue party could cost him even further grief keeping the doors open too long could spell doom for Canamith ABOUT THE AUTHOR Richard Friedman was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio Richard s first novel is an ecological thriller crafted from his admiration of great science fiction writers and his concern for the continuing abuse of our environment

10 thoughts on “Escape to Canamith: Templeton's Ark

  1. Katarina Nolte Katarina Nolte says:

    This book is well written with good character development, but this is not an eco thriller Instead, it is an old fashioned disaster drama I should have paid attention to the title including the word ark but I didn t, and so, despite this being a book worth reading, it is not my idea of a fun read.I would imagine that a modern alternative society practicing something like permaculture and embracing an updated version of an alter

  2. Brandon Brandon says:

    Rating 9.0 10.0Review Author Richard Friedman definitely pays attention to details Writing a sci fi book requires a special type of detail, that if left out can make someone mis understand the book or be confused about the plot Friedman went above and beyond with details and scenery I m a huge fan of painting a scene like an artist would do for a sculpture or any kind of art Friedman took his story and turned it into a painting I love

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Loved this one This is a must read, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  4. Brad Theado Brad Theado says:

    I spent most of this book thinking, what in the heck is going on here But the book was well written and i liked the characters to I stayed with it The ending was bizarre, but I did enjoy it.

  5. Lisa Devaney Lisa Devaney says:

    This book is action packed from start to finish, and entwines an eco thriller theme that will keep you turning the pages and wondering what happens to the characters and Earth.When Lila Jenkins turns to science to explain what s wrong with everything, but her father Rex Templeton turns for answers to prophecy, the opposite views prove interesting and lead to adventures I liked the set up of this father and daughter duelling ideology and became stuck in with t

  6. Stephan Malone Stephan Malone says:

    Pretty decent read Probably could have been a bit shorter Sometimes I got lost in the story progression and waited patiently for things to pick up, which they do at about Chapter 27 Mechanics are good.

  7. Ian Terry Ian Terry says:

    I received Escape to Canamith from the Goodreads Firstreads giveaway Unfortunately to say, I didn t finish this book I found it incredibly boring almost from the start The book has a nice premise, but how the author was going about everything was just boring.

  8. Gordon Gravley Gordon Gravley says:

    With dialogue this melodramtic and unnatural, characters this one dimensional, and narrative this flat, Escape. must have been self published Meaning this novel needed the guidance that usually comes from traditional publishing.

  9. Warren Friedman Warren Friedman says:

    Well written story pitting man against insects animals and the planet as Mother Nature rebels against her human inhabitants Hard to believe this is a debut novel You don t have to be a sci fi fan to enjoy this Eco thriller this is a great book for everyone, I highly recommend it Well written story pitting man against insects animals and the planet as Mother Nature rebels against her human inhabitants Hard to believe this is a debut novel You don t have to be a sci fi fan to enjoy this Eco t

  10. Tim Tim says:

    Pretty good read It went quick Great plot and story line Feel like it was left open for a follow up.

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