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The Right Twin For Him eBook î Right Twin For  PDF FROM A PECK ON THE CHEEK Maddie Jackson s bruised heart leaped at the casual brush to her cheek Evidently men in this town found her attractive But wasn t this handsome stranger being a little forward And then she discovered that Patrick O Rourke thought Maddie was his sister in law, and her heart leaped again this time with hope TO A TINGLE IN HER TOES Because Maddie had come to town searching for family and now she might have found a sister Yet should she risk turmoil by getting involved with the infamous O Rourke bachelor Though Patrick offered his support, he also stirred her vulnerable passions Would loving him lead to heartbreak or the love and family she longed for There was only one way to find out

10 thoughts on “The Right Twin For Him

  1. Gabbe Gabbe says:

    I really did not like the girl that much at the begining

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I found this in the airport while I was waiting ALL day for a flight It was in English of course and it was something to do.

  3. nurmawati nurmawati says: baca ampe gak bisa berentilangsung tamat deh DApa buku ttg saudara2 patrick yang lain ada juga ya Pengen baca.

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