Mastering AngularJS Directives Epub Å Mastering

Mastering AngularJS Directives Epub Å Mastering This book takes a hands on, step by step approach that helps the reader focus on the most important points and learn exactly what they need All of the directives in the book have live examples that go along with them, and there is a strong focus on how tests are incorporated into all types of directives

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  1. Jesús Rodríguez Jesús Rodríguez says:

    Let s start saying I am an Angular expert and I read it so I could recommend it if I saw it good enough I have mixed feelings, hence this score The author knows how to write directives, I have no doubt about that I have different opinions here and there, but that doesn t meant that I am right and he is

  2. Duncan Faulkner Duncan Faulkner says:

    This is a very technical book and one which I believe is aimed at intermediary level of skills when using AngularJS There is no introduction in to Angular JS and jumps straight into AngularJS Directives If you are new to AngularJS then put this on your must read list as it will be required once you have an unde

  3. Konrad Garus Konrad Garus says:

    Unlike many general introduction books, Mastering AngularJS Directives by Josh Kurz takes a muchspecialized approach It assumes you know AngularJS fairly well and explores just one but arguably the most complex of its corners directives.It s not a thick book and the table of contents looks just right Basic introduction

  4. Piyas De Piyas De says:

    Opinion This book has covered a small and important portion of angualrjs directive in great detail, but one of the issue with the book is all the example codes needother works to run I have read many of the packtpub books with with ready code to execute and relate the example with chapters.For example in chapter 1, the discussio

  5. Ivan Fraixedes Ivan Fraixedes says:

    This books teach about how to use AngularJS directives to build a modular and maintainable single web page applications.It shows the power of AngularJS directives and how to use them rightly and avoid to fall out in building spaghetti code due the lack of knowing how AngularJS directives work and what they have to implement good quality

  6. David Melamed David Melamed says:

    This book isdedicated to AngularJS experimented developers than newbies Directives are one of the most critical and complex part of the Angular framework and the author is explaining how they are working pretty well With testing, code quality and performance in mind, the book shows good examples on writing your own directives as well as integrati

  7. Michael Michael says:

    Want to code directives like a black belt ninja study this book and you will master it It gives a deep dive into AngularJS directives accompanied by interactive code samples on jsfiddle my highlight and a test driven perspective I enjoyed reading and would recommend it to the profound JavaScript developer.

  8. D Balaji D Balaji says:

    Lets face it, directives are key to angular philosophy Designing high performing directives is a challenge worth undertaking This book helps you with directives, examples and good practices.

  9. Zaur Dedegkaev Zaur Dedegkaev says:


  10. Sonal Garg Sonal Garg says:

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