Capturing the Minister's Heart MOBI ´ Capturing the

Capturing the Minister's Heart MOBI ´ Capturing the I loved the ending of this book The hero, a really wonderful guy, almost loses the girl She is mad and gets in his face Loved the tension and conflict Throughout the book he wants the best for her, and he s convinced he s not the best Which ends up being pretty torturous for both of them The ending ties things up nicely. THINGS USUALLY GO ABBY BLACKMON S WAY As an attorney and a senator s daughter, Abby is used to seeing her dreams fulfilled But there s one exception handsome single pastor Jeremy Walker Abby longs for Jeremy to see her as than a friend and member of the congregation, but every time they get close, he pulls away Keeping a low profile is a matter of life and death for Jeremy Though he s drawn to Abby, she lives in the limelight he s desperate to avoid Abby deserves a man who can give her the world, not one who has to hide from it Can she convince Jeremy that the only attention she wants is his Great book loved the twist about Jeremy s past. 4.5 stars

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