The Guerilla Dynasty: Politics And Leadership In North

The Guerilla Dynasty: Politics And Leadership In North Throughout the s, North Korea has operated under a skeptical international eye, due largely to the country s rigorous self imposed isolation, its on going confrontation with South Korea, a controversial nuclear arms program, and the near total collapse of its economy North Korea s leaders have chosen to face the world with its Stalinist political culture and ideological framework intact, for better or worse and by most reports, almost exclusively for the worst How did this situation come to be, and what are its consequences In The Guerilla Dynasty, Adrian Buzo gives us an accessible, up to date, and rigorously researched account of the political, economic, and foreign policy developments in North Korea since

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  1. Sam Seitz Sam Seitz says:

    I think it is safe to say that this book, written in 1999, is fairly out of date Yet, it still offers a very rich and thorough analysis of the rise of the Kim regime The book s core argument, which I found to be persuasive and well argued, is that the bizarre and inward looking approach of the North Korean st

  2. Mon Alisa Mon Alisa says:

    Obsahov v born , ale p eklad Tfuj Pokud st d lo od Adriana Buzo, pak v origin le p eklad Ji Gojda

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