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[[ Read ]] ➪ Tycoon's Delicious Debt Author Susanna Carr – Pv1.info The Fine Line Between Love And Hate Cooper Brock Knows Serena Dominguez Can Ruin Him With The Click Of Her Delectable Fingers, But He Won T Give In To Her Demands Easily Instead, He Gives Serena His Own Ultimatum To Confront The Smouldering Attraction Between ThemSerena Has Spent Her Life Planning The Downfall Of This Man But When She Yields To His Challenge, Serena Is Stripped Bare By Cooper S Raw Passion As He Holds Her In His Arms And Whispers Her Name, Serena Realises She May Have Just Fallen In Love With Her Enemy Welcome To The Chatsfield

10 thoughts on “Tycoon's Delicious Debt

  1. Rgreader Rgreader says:

    First chapter underwhelming DNF.

  2. Janine Janine says:


  3. Amee Amee says:

    This story was ok I m not big on revenge in real life or book life , too much heartbreak for 10 seconds of happiness, then hollowness when you realise you ve screwed yourself over as well.Hero Mostly pretty damn good Human, but has a good heart.Hero s dad Horrible money hungry thug.Heroine Petty and hung up on the fact that her luxurious lifestyle was cut shortwoe is me rolls eyes Suffe

  4. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    He has a debt to pay Cooper Brock knows Serena Dominguez can ruin him with a snap of her delectable fingers, but he won t give in to her demands easily Instead, he gives Serena his own ultimatum to confront the smoldering attraction between them And she s ready to collect Serena has spent her life planning the downfall of this man But when she yields to his challenge, Serena is stripped bar

  5. Elena Elena says:

    Cooper and Serena struggled with revenge, duty and vulnerability I liked Serena s strength but also her constant fight between being her own person and accepting her need to lean on someone other than herself Cooper wasn t so bad either He saw through Serena s walls and went after her Again no Chatsfields except at the very end I guess the next book will have a Harrington against a Chatsfield.

  6. Yas Yas says:

    Not really my kind of theme Revenge in a business setting kind of book Plus the characters Hero and Heroine really did not tickle my fancy But is is part of the Chatsfield book line There are other books in the series that are pretty good.

  7. Geraldine Sadiku Geraldine Sadiku says:

    A revenge romance that tells the story of 2 people who through circumstances when they were younger have trust issues makes for an interesting and fast paced romance Loved it.

  8. Jennifer Mcpherson Jennifer Mcpherson says:

    So horrible I didn t even finished reading it Deserve 0 stars.

  9. Ann Ann says:

    Wonderful revenge romance

  10. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Chatsfield

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